Wolves Among Us
Series 3, Episode 3x07
Wolves Among Us
Airdate 6 October 2014
Written by Tom McRae
Directed by Jermain Julien
Reception N/A
CBBC Weekly Ranking TBA
Episode Guide
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
Dark Of The Rune

Wolves Among Us is the seventh episode of Series 3.


Rhydian wants to help Jana and Shannon follows her dreams and Tom feels the wrath of the Ks.



Whilst Tom makes up with Kay, Shannon, along with Kara, goes for work experience at Segolia where she is thrilled to learn from Dr. Whitewood that the company is looking for a cure for human illnesses using the wolf-blood gene and that they will sponsor her university entrance. She is unaware that Victoria was hoping she would bring Rhydian in order to extract his DNA. Rhydian and Jana play truant, seeking out a cave once used by wolf-bloods but little Ollie, in care with Rhydian, follows and the older boy gets in trouble at school. Nor is he pleased that Shannon went to Segolia behind his back or that Dacia has proof that his father swindled the company.

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