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Wolfblood Uncovered is a CBBC wildlife spin off series presented by Bobby Lockwood. Through out the series he sets out to find out everything there is to know about wolves and to discover how their incredible capabilities have inspired Wolfbloods in the show.


1) Super Senses - Bobby explores wolves' amazing senses of smell, hearing and eyesight.

2) Speed And Stamina - Bobby reveals how wolves are able to run and sprint long distances without tiring.

3) Intelligence - Bobby focuses on the mental abilities of wolves, such as remembering where their pray can be found and avoid being captured by humans.

4) Strength And Agility - Bobby learns how their strength and agility help make wolves adaptable predators, who are able to live in a wide range of environments.

5) Territory - Bobby discovers where wolves live and how they defend their habitats by marking boundaries and in extreme cases, fighting.

6) Hunting - Bobby explores the diversity of a wolf's diet and the range of skills they use to hunt them down.

7) Pack Life - Bobby looks at wolf packs, learning how cubs grow into adults and how they gather survival skills from their elderly.

8) Communication - Bobby examines the wolf's howl and how they use it to communicate with each other in different situations.

9) Man Vs Wolf - Bobby reveals why wolves have featured in myths and folklore over the centuries, and how mankind's attitude towards them has helped them learn more about survival.

10) Face To Face - Bobby goes to a wolf sanctuary and meets a wolf face to face.

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