Wolfblood Secrets is a miniseries that aired from September 21st-October 19th on CBBC. According to Debbie Moon, 10 episodes have been created, yet only five have been shown thus far.

So far, five episodes have been shown:

  1. Powers
  2. Wild
  3. History
  4. Vulnerabilities
  5. Kincaid

Five more have yet to be aired.

The miniseries' premise is a government investigation into the dangers of wolfbloods, with Jana and her friends being interviewed by two investigators named Smith and Jones. However, due to the commonness of these names, it is possible that they are pseudonyms. A great amount of each episode consists of clips from other series or Jana Bites.

So far, the characters of Jana, Ceri, Mr. Jeffries, Dr Whitewood and Imara have appeared, in addition to Smith and Jones.

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