Eolas: Eolas is an extrasensory ability used mostly by wild wolfbloods that allows them to discover a person's whereabouts by connecting to nature. Although it can be addictive, some wolfbloods are able to control it. Wild Wolfbloods use Eolas to help them hunt for prey. To use Eolas, a Wolfblood must feel what is all around them- the wind around them, the ground beneath their feet. They can then use Eolas to show them something that is happening elsewhere. 

Ansin: Ansin is an extrasensory ability that some wild wolfbloods can use, in which they claim to be able to sense a vague history of the item that they are using Ansin on. 

Supernatural Strength: A wolfblood's strength is much greater than a human's. They can easily overpower humans and can rip flesh and bones with amazing force, their strength is notable even for monsters, as they have been observed as being able to smash stone with there bare hands. Even while in human form, wolfblood have incredible strength, as one newly-bitten wolfblood saw no challenge in lifting an adult woman high above his head using only one hand, and would accidentally rip a door off its hinges also using virtually no effort. All Wolfbloods seem to have a similar level of strength, however a possible exception to this would be the Alpha Wolfblood, as Alphas are naturally stronger than their descendants. 

Healing: Heals very quickly, in hours or possibly minutes as compared to days or weeks for humans; also heals more quickly than average in human form. Wolfbloods can regenerate all non-lethal damage, purebloods are even able to completely heal their original bites. Wolfbloods can even heal damage that would be fatal to humans such as injuries from a car wreck. Even if they are turned into a wolf after suffering such an injury, they can heal. 


Silver: A Wolfblood's only known weakness is their vulnerability to silver, as they can be killed with a silver knife or bullet. Contact with silver will hurt them. 

Dark Moon: Wolfbloods cannot transform on New Moons (also called "Dark Moons"). Instead they are stuck as a human and are vulnerable.

Fire: Fire naturally frightens all animals, so Wolfbloods will often uncontrollably change out of stress / anxiety when encountered with fire.

Wolfsbane: Wolfsbane is a plant that will bring out the wolf in a wolfblood. Humans think that if they consume wolfsbane, then they will become a werewolf. This is not true. When a wolfblood consumes wolfsbane, then the wolf instincts come out forcefully like on the full moon, but more intense. The Wolfblood becomes more aggressive when they have wolfsbane in their system. It appears that even a small dose can trigger the reaction. A Wolfblood can take thistle root to calm the wolf so that they are in control of their instincts. Wolfsbane is famous for being poisonous to wolves, but because Wolfbloods are not entirely wolves, it is harmless to Wolfbloods besides this side effect. 

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