Where Wolf
Series 4, Episode 4x08
Airdate 30 March 2016
Written by Neil Jones
Directed by Sarah Walker
Reception N/A
CBBC Weekly Ranking N/A
Episode Guide
Sheep's Clothing
Into the Wild

Wherewolf is the eighth episode of Series 4.


Jana and TJ are forced to find Carrie to avoid their secret being exposed by Niamh/Holly.



Believing that TJ has harmed her friend Carrie Niamh threatens to expose him and the other Wolfbloods unless they can prove that Carrie is safe. Imara opposes the idea but unexpected help comes from Mr. Jeffries, now a Wolfblood champion, who helps the group locate Carrie, in a treatment centre, where she reveals the truth to Niamh, thus averting disaster. (Source came from here:

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