These are the userboxes so far created on the Wolfblood Wikia. To use them, it's simple. Put two brackets like this {{}} outside the template for example {{Wolfblood}}. Please leave a comment if you want more userboxes


BVKASzOCYAAv6Ci This user is a fan of Wolfblood!


Bk9Gpt1IAAAmt5g This user loves all of the characters!
Jana 07 This user loves Jana!
Maddysidebar2 This user loves Maddy!
Download This user loves Rhydian!
Ses87 This user loves Shannon!
Thomas -3 This user loves Tom!


BX2M7 ECYAArFsY.jpg large This user loves all of the pairings!

Romantic Relationships

P028sktn This user ships Jaran!
JefWood This user ships Jeffwood!
Girlfriend This user ships Maddian!
Rhydiannon This user ships Rhydiannon!
Wolfblood 1 This user ships Shom!
Maddom This user ships Taddy!
Tanasidebar This user ships Tana!


Wolfblood title card This user loves the Wolfblood Cast!
Wolfblood cast This user loves the main wolfblood cast!
{{Aimée Kelly}}
12677172 1998160117075351 2052106610 n This user loves Aimée!
{{Bobby Lockwood}}
1800181 10152893008273945 9104012912026614206 n This user loves Bobby!
{{Leona Kate Vaughan}}
405760 2869127601610 1062443426 3041007 1828561952 n This user loves Leona!
{{Louisa Connolly-Burnham}}
CYNd-LLW8AAN-uA This user loves Louisa!


080 This user loves Jana's Wolf!
Maddy This user loves Maddy's wolf!
Rhydian This user loves Rhydian's wolf!

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