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  • TheTrueMe

    So, Wolfblood series 5 came to an end a few hours ago - in the UK at least - and what a series! I really enjoyed it, but the finale had to be my favourite. WHAT A FINISH! I really hope that there'll be a sixth series, with all the same main characters.

    Unfortunately, that's not really what I'm here to talk about. Mainly because that's all I can think to say without handing out spoilers to those who don't want them. What I am going to write about is my forum. It's been a long time since I've written a blog about it, but - at the risk of coming across as a shameless self-promoter - since this is the place most past members have come from, not a whole lot has changed since I last posted. A handful of old members left, leaving the forum much less …

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  • TheTrueMe

    My Wolfblood forum is growing fast but we need loads more humans who can challenge the wolfblood secret and some wild wolfbloods to join the wild pack! Interested? Please come and take a look around! :) You can even play canon characters here :D

    We currently have a nice mix of wolfblood fans and people who have never seen wolfblood but are doing great! :) We have lots of information threads if you need any help. We even have plenty of different level writers, so no worries if you're not the best writer. I would really love if YOU would consider joining, the most exciting roleplays are ones FILLED with lots of different kinds of characters.

    Thanks for reading :) Feel free to comment with any questi…

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  • TheTrueMe

    Wolfblood roleplay

    January 6, 2014 by TheTrueMe

    I want to find a roleplay forum for wolfblood, I've googled for hours but all I can find is mini roleplays on multi-rp sites (which I don't really get how to use). I'm hoping to find an entire forum for wolfblood, since I'm already staffing on one Harry Potter forum for my friend, that is opening soon. Jcink is my favourite forum base, but I'll take any if they're not multi-fandom roleplays!

    If one doesn't exist, I will make one. Where you can play humans and wolfbloods, wild or tame and go between areas. Mainly focussing on school-aged characters for easier mixing. Can anyone suggest a forum? Or does anybody think they would join in one if I made one?

    PLEASE COMMENT AND REPLY. (if that's possible -I'm not sure, I've never been on the blogs bi…

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