Minor Rant #1

Hi! I'm new to this site - as in, I joined about ten minutes ago - and have no idea what this is or what I'm doing as I write it. The thing said Wolfblood, so I'm going to write about the irritating fics on (my author name is ValkyrieVeela) for the Wolfblood fandom, hence the title: 'Minor Rant #1' (I can assure anyone who reads this, there will be more.)

Basically, the entire rant I planned can be condensed into this: THERE ARE NO INTERESTING FICS FOR WOLFBLOOD ON FANFICTION.NET. Now, I don't mean to offend any writers by saying that, but. . . . it's true. Sure, there are nice fics; everyone likes to read about a fluffy Maddian happily-ever-after. I'm just saying that there aren't any really gripping fics around, y'know? But this is not entirely the fault of the authors, who just want to run through fields of wildflowers in summertime throwing petals in the air and sighing happily at the way Rhydian holds Maddy's hand or the people who just want to ship alternative *cough* WRONG *cough* pairings. No, in part, this is the fault of the writers of the show. You see, the tiny village of Stoneybridge (real place name!!!!) doesn't exactly offer a lot of room to maneuvre. Also, if you want to do something really your own, something totally awesome and original, you're going to get penalised for using the fandom for Mary Sues / Gary Stus or just taking the idea of Wolfbloods and completely ignoring the events in the show. For the writers, it's great; they've succeeded in making something totally unique. For the poor P.R. guys, it couldn't get any worse; no-one can feel involved in the show unless they manage to get an episode into a future series.

So, that's why I don't write for Wolfblood; I don't dare. It doesn't stop it being one of the greatest stories ever, though, nor does it stop me loving it.