Hey, peeps! As you can see, I only joined this wikia website today, because I only started watching this show yesterday. And to be honest - I was hooked! I don't know if I'll continue loving this show in the future, but I don't see why not. The plot is very well written and the character developments to the plot are amazing!

This is a short blog about myself and my so-far thoughts about Wolfblood.

So, Maddy right now seems to be my favorite character. Why? Because she's easily compared to who I am. How - I won't tell right now, but hopefully in my future blogs! I really love Maddy because she's so cool, pretty, and a great character. I love her friendship with Rhydian so far.

Of course, my other 2 favorites are Rhydian and Shannon. Because... You know why.

This is a pretty boring blog, but I'm just here to introduce myself.

I'm an avarage guy who likes writting and never wants to give up on his hopes and dreams. I always try to be a good friends to others, even when sometimes it doesn't really seem like it. I'm a massive fan of House of Anubis, because it's just so amazing.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll write more blogs in the future, but for now I just wanna give it time to get dragged into the Wolfblood mystery. Off to go to watch the 1st season! Bye - come back soon!