ok so this year of december last week on friday i remember that my mom left the wifi on and i was ready to watch something on netflix but my sister watched a movie first that i always wanted to watch but then she told me that i can pick whatever i want to watch so then i recently have been watching the walking dead so i wanted to watch one of the episodes that  i havent seen yet but once i entered the whole thing it didnt come on but when i deleted the letters of it i paused at the letter w and movies showed up in my tv screen so then i saw wolfblood which was a tv show so then i said ....hmm i havent watched movies or a tv show about wolfs or vampires in a lil while so i clicked on it and i saw it had 3 seasons and when i read the titles of the episodes they sounded interesting so i kept watching them and in that one night i finished season 1 and went on to season 2 and only had time to see the 1st episode of it and now i only have 4 more episodes till im done with season 3 and im actually pretty sad but yeah hopefully season 4 will be good and interesting or else i may not watch it again.