aka yojaira

  • I live in houston tx
  • I was born on May 7
  • I am female
  • MigitMonster

    fav episode/season?

    December 31, 2015 by MigitMonster

    hey guys i need a convo lol well umm.... comment on this blog post and let me know what was your fav episode/season from wolfblood XD

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  • MigitMonster

    im actually going to feel sad because there is people that wont be with us on the next season of wolfblood but you know they grow up and sometimes they dont want to stay in the same place for their whole lifes or be the same character in the script even though they are good actors and thats what makes wolfblood interesting but ill try and see if i can give season 4 a chance and im hoping they dont let the fans dissapointed hopefully i dont cry but probably i will lol 

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  • MigitMonster

    ok so this year of december last week on friday i remember that my mom left the wifi on and i was ready to watch something on netflix but my sister watched a movie first that i always wanted to watch but then she told me that i can pick whatever i want to watch so then i recently have been watching the walking dead so i wanted to watch one of the episodes that  i havent seen yet but once i entered the whole thing it didnt come on but when i deleted the letters of it i paused at the letter w and movies showed up in my tv screen so then i saw wolfblood which was a tv show so then i said ....hmm i havent watched movies or a tv show about wolfs or vampires in a lil while so i clicked on it and i saw it had 3 seasons and when i read the titles …

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