There has been said That wolfbloods are A different type of werewolves, Some kind of subspecies. Somebody asked me what the differences between werewolves and wolfbloods are. I will tell all the differences i know, but before we get to That, let's first Sum up Some similarities. You'll see werewolves and wolfbloods have more in common than you think.


Both werewolves and wolfbloods are shapeshifters. In episode 1 of season 1 of the wolfblood series, Maddy says their kind is called "Wolfbloods", and not "werewolves", because they are not monsters. Well, neither are Werewolves. That's just what Hollywood, legends and religion makes you believe. But in fact, werewolves are shapeshifters, people who can turn into wolves at Will, and so are wolfbloods. There are A few differences between the two in How they shift, at what age the first transformation is, their wolf forms and so on, but we'll get on to That later when discussing the differences.


That's right, both werewolves and wolfbloods are born and not made. Neither werewolves nor wolfbloods can turn A human into one of them by A bite, A spell or anything. A blood transfusion is in most cases also not turning anyone.

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