Here's some things I'll be doing on the wiki in the next few days:

1. Starting a poll to agree on a fandom ame to use around the wiki (if DanBing approves)

2. A lost episode fanfic for my season 3 stories. See, when I first started the fanfics, I hadn't read about the season 2 finale (I'm Ameerican) and didn't know about Maddy, her family, and Jana leaving, so this "lost episode" will explain why they returned and tell us a little more about Tammy, a new character I made up in my fan-fics.

3. Series 3 episode 2, parts 1 and 2 fanfic story- I'll be continuing my series 3 story. The lost episode won't exactly be part of my series 3 stories, but perhaps like a prequel, or a T.V. movie.

4. Trying to earn more badges and points- I haven't much points. and, even though my rank is around 34 or 44, I want to get up higher, so I'll be doing editing, commenting, and other things to earn points.

         Just thought I should post so people know what to expect from me, like stories and other things I'll be doing and posting on my user blog. Thanks.

                                                    Keep Calm and Run Like a Wolfblood -KTfan12.