HEY GUYS! I haven't posted any fan fics in a LONG time, so, I'm gonna tell you a secret- I've been working on a WattPad story called Dawn To Night: A wolfblood story. It isn't based off of the SHOW Wolfblood, but ito does have Wolfbloods in it, even though it's a completely different story. I'll include the description of my story so you can see so yourself:  Gracie Lynn is a 14 year old Wolfblood living life to the fullest with her wild Wolfblood pack. But when a family enemy, Arcmin, mocks Gracie Lynn's recently dead mother, it's too much for Gracie Lynn- and she attacks Arcmin. But Gracie Lynn's actions bring dire consequences. Because Arcmin was the son of the pack leader, Gracie Lynn is exiled from the pack and has to join a pack of tame Wolfbloods. There, she learns the ways of the tame Wolfblood. At first, things are hard for Gracie Lynn- she doesn't fit in, she is sulky and quiet, hates humans, and, to the annoyance of the rest of the pack, she never stops talking about her dead mother, her father, and little sister Caroline. However, things turn out good for Gracie Lynn when the pack reunites her with a long lost family member, helps her control her inner wolf, and teaches her that love can be found anywhere for those who seek it.

I'll post new chapters as much as I can, but I'm very busy- especially since opening night for the play I'm in is on Friday! I have rehersals, the Gala, and then the opening night, and performances on Monday, Friday, and Saturday. On top of all that- HOMEWORK! EEK! ew chapters coming soon though! Link: