This is my first fanfiction on Wolfblood! Hope you like it :)

'Summery: ' Set after Series 2 of Wolfblood, Emma, Daniel and Maddy ran away from danger and to keep them safe from it they hide at Mike and Laura's in Devon. But Maddy just wants to go home... While Rhydian is finding it hard coping with life without Maddy.

Chapter One: Everything Will Be Okay

Maddy's Pov:

I ran faster than I think I've ever ran in my life. Lungs restless, legs gagging for slower pace and feet screaming at aching pain. Each step was like stubbing my big toe. I sniffed the air, but still the same scent of danger, and I could hear vitious howlings from miles behind. Trees rushed past me and wind blew at my hair and face. Mam and dad were running in front of me and they finally started to slow down. I think we're safe, we'll stay here for a rest before we get moving again.Mam said between breaths. Me and dad nodded weakly until I started coughing for breath. We sat down on the muddy and leafy ground and I looked at my reflection in a misty puddly beside me, oh boy, my hair was long, grubby and notted and my clothes were tacky and ripped. I grunted at another sharp pain that sometimes occured in my ribs.

Emma'a Pov:

I looked at my daughter in worry and concirn as she looked at the gloomy sky in pain and sadness.You alright, pet? No m-me ribs hurt. Maddy Whined. Oh, It's okay, pet. I said while my husband walked up to her and gave her a reassuring hug.But it's all my fault! If it wasn't for me hunting somewhere Jana told me not to go, that other stupid wild pack wouldn't of accused us of invading territory! My daughter cried. Maddy, everything's gonna be okay, you just weren't ready for your first hunt that's all.

  Third Person's Pov:

Daniel kissed Maddy on the head and stood up slowly. Scratching his beard, he sniffed the air. I can't get much more of their scent, I think their further away now. We still better keep moving- Can't we run in wolf?! Maddy interuppted protestively, covering her face with her hands. Not when we are closer to people, we'll be in Devon soon and Mike and Laura will be able to help us. The wild pack won't follow us into the human world and our pack will be able to buy us time anyway. Emma replied to Maddy while Daniel nodded in agreement. Why do we have to go to Devon?! Maddy shouted in sadness, almost like a five year old screaming for what the child wants. Maddy... Daniel tried to begin. Look. Me and your mum, we know how much you miss your friends. He sighed. No you don't, you have no idea! Maddy cried. You know we can't go back to Stoneybridge, it's too dangerous, what with doctor Whitewood and all. Maddy nodded her head in sad agreement. She knew her father was right. They couldn't go back to Stoneybridge, not yet anyway... Let's get going then. Emma jerked her head in a direction to which Maddy and Daniel obayed to. 

In StoneyBridge:

Rhydian threw his head back on his pillow and stared at the celing in despire. He glanced downat a crinckled drawing of Maddy on a piece of old paper, he breathed heavily when a small tear met the corner of his eye. Three months she had been gone now, three months too long ...   He tried to forget, he really did. But everything he did, everything he tried to do. All he could think of was her...

Chapter Two: Adjusting To A New Life

Maddy's Pov:

We finally arrived at Mike and Laura's house after what seemed like the longest journey. I could already smell the strong bittersweet scented candles which they like to scent their big country house with. We slowly approched the muddy pathway that led to their white front door, mam and dad taking the lead. To be honest I hate having to come here, I know it sounds really stubborn and ungrateful. But I really miss Stoneybridge and I feel like I can't take anything Mike and Laura have got to offer.  

"Well here we are." Mam stopped when she saw my sad glare.  

"Oh come on, pet. You'll be alright soon." She wrapped her warm arms around me and I held on tightly. The door opened in flash, Mike stood there and quickly spoke. 

"Hello, well it's been a while hasn't it?"  

Mam and dad smiled weakly.  

"Well come on in. We've got a lot of things to discuss. 

"Ta." I heard dad reply as we stepped inside Mike and Laura's. We followed them into the lounge, when Laura stood up and greeted us.  

"Hello. Well it's been a while hasn't it? Why, haven't you grown, Maddy."  

Laura beamed at me brightly. And I replied at the complement with a flat smile. I think they've forgot I'm fifteen...  

I saw Mike's face turn more serious in the matter we were in and looked back to mam and dad.  

"We heard your howls. Don't worry you'll be safe here. We have your rooms sorted out for you 

"Thank you so much for all your help."  

Mam answered while dad smiled and nodded. I sighed to myself... This was my home now.

At Stoneybridge, third Person's Pov: 

Rhydian strolled into form room, a couple minutes as usual.  

"You're late again, Rhydian. One more late mark and I'll be putting you in detention." Mr Jeffries couldly remarked, not making eye contact with the boy. 

"Sorry sir."  

Rhydian muttered. He sloped into a seat next to Shannon 

"Hey Rhydian." 


"Me and Tom were wondering if you wanted to come to Bernie's tonight at about four."  

"Uhh.. Yeah sure"  

"Okay great." She smiled 

"Where is Tom, anyway?"  

"Well he's just come back from Manchester with his dad, so he'll be a bit late." 

"Oh right."

Chapter Three: I Can't Live Like This

Maddy's Pov:  

Me, mam and dad have stayed at Mike and Laura's for about five hours now. During that time I've not really been paying attention towards what they've all been talking about, I'm more interested in counting the hours and minuets that go by, seen as though I've got nothing better to do in my social time anymore. We were all sat round the dinner table when Laura snapped my train of thought. 

"Is that enough meat for you there, Maddy?" She asked in that usual sweet tone of hers. The truth is, I wasn't really hungry but I didn't want to be rude.  

"I ... Er. I'm sorry it's just, I'm not really hungry. Can I go up to my room please?" I glanced for an answer from the couple, while mam sat in the corner of my eye with a confused facial expression. 

"Of course you can. We'll make you something to eat later." I nodded at Mike's response, excused myself from the table and followed Mike upstairs.

Third Person's Pov:

"Sorry about that. Its just well, Maddy's not used to all this and she misses her friends." Emma explained to a worried Laura. 

"No its okay, I understand. Did she have a tough time in the wild? Poor lass."  

"Yes, she haited it. Me and Em did our best to help her fit in but she just didn't open up to anyone and kept herself to herself." Said Daniel sadly. 

"Well me and Mike will do our best to help her fit in here. Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be happy again soon." Laura beamed confidently.  

"Hopefully." Emma replied.

Maddy's Pov:

I followed Mike up the narrow set if stairs until he stopped walking on the landing and we reached a small room. He smiled brightly at me and opened the door, slowly I walked forward and glanced around the room. A couple of empty shelves were nailed to the white washed painted walls. A bed laid next to a rather large window and there was a cream coloured carpet. 

"It's not much, I know. But this is the only other spare room we have in the house, otherwise you'll have to share with your mum and dad. And you can decorate it how you want." Mike said it rather incorrigibly. I just nodded and plastered a thankful smile on my face. 

"Thanks, I'll be fine."  

Mike smiled and nodded.  

"Okay, I'll let you get on."  

As I watched him walk back down the stairs my smile almost immediately fell. I sighed and stepped inside the small room. Sitting on the bet I glared out of the window and watched seagulls freely fly bye. I couldn't, I couldn't sleep. And that's when I decided. I can't live like this.

Back in Stoneybridge, Rhydian's Pov:

I made my way to Bernie's down the usual route, trying to think of something different other than Maddy. But as usual, it never worked. I tried really hard to not think about that beautiful smile that formed on her lips. Her soft brunette hair waving in the breeze. Those chocolatey brown eyes. But they were the only things I could think of. I needed to find her as soon as possible. I can't live like this.

Chapter Four: Runaway

Maddy's Pov:

For hours I layed on my bed staring at the celing, holding back constant tears at time that seemed to drag like it always did for some reason... It felt like something deeply important had been torn from my heart. Of course, a big part of that was been separated from my friends and home. But it wasn't just that, it was something else... My thoughts paused at the sound of knocking on the door. It was mam. I could smell her.

"Maddy, pet? Are you okay in there?"

I didn't reply, for she knew full well what the answer was...

"Look, Maddy. I know this is a big change for you, and I know you don't enjoy it here..." Mam didn't understand at all, although I understood why she tried to reason with me.

"It's just. Your dad and I want you safe. I'm sorry, Maddy. But this is the only place that is..."

Her scent and footsteps faded in the distance as she headed back to her room. Guilt suddenly washed over me when I realized the good mam, dad, Mike and Laura are doing for me. But it was too much for them to offer and too much for me to handle and accept.

The world felt like it was rotating slower, my life was draining away from me and I didn't know who to blame. No. I knew exactly who to blame, Doctor Whitewood. If it wasn't for her l wouldn't be here right now. It made me growl under my breath.

In Stoneybridge, Rhydian's Pov:

I walked with Tom and Shannon back to the Vaughan's after an eventful night at Bernie's. I say eventful, all we did was talk about football and homework, as usual. I realized Tom and Shannon had been trying to keep in touch with me recently. Or try not to lose another friend. It was nice of them to care about me, but it was as if they wanted me to be their new alpha or something... Maddy's always going to be the alpha. As we approched the Vaughan's, I could hear Shannon mutter something about meeting up again behind me. As if they've forgotten I have advanced hearing.

"Rhydian, me and Tom were wondering if you wanted to come round to mine tomorrow, for movie night?"

"Err. Nah I'm good thanks, its just I've got a lot of homework I need to catch up on..." Now that we got rid of Whitewood everything seemed a bit dull, we didn't really talk much unless it was about school work, so for Shannon to ask about a movie night which hasn't happened in forever was quite a surprise. But I passed anyway.

"Oh. Okay..." I heard Shannon say rather coldly.

"Sorry..." I apologized.

"I'll see you both at school tomorrow."

"Alright, see you later..." I nodded at Tom then closed the front door. I hated regecting them like that, but I needed some space.

Back in Devon, Maddy's Pov:

I have to get away from all of this. I couldn't identify the main reason why. But everything had crammed up in my head! Too many frustrations and un answered questions, and they got the best of me. I needed freedom from this. I needed Stoneybridge, my real home. I needed my friends... And I realized I needed Rhydian... 

Jumping out of the window, the strong cool wind caught my face until my feet hit the crumbly ground. Not looking back, I ran. Tears forming at the bottom of my eyes, but I sniffed them away. Thousands of questions and cons raged and argued at me in my head. 'Why am I doing this?!' 'It's not safe!' 'I need to go back to Mike and Laura's ... But I can't, I want to go home ... Sorry mam and dad.' 

At wolf speed I ran into darkness. Tears streaming down my cheeks as I followed the scent towords home... To where I belong...

Chapter Five: Coming Back Home

Maddy's Pov: 

I dragged my feet along the wet tarmac of a big city. The scent of Stoneybridge was getting closer and closer. I wasn't even sure what city I was in, I hated them! Bright lights blazing and the buzzing of the city people ringing at my ears enough to make me go deaf! I felt really tired, lost in a city I don't even reconize, clinging on to the same scent. A roar of laughter from a group of teenage girls caught my ears. Typical. They take one glance at me and judge me by my apperence. Well, I could take one look at them and judge them in a heartbeat, make-up and boys. That's probably all the cared about. I need to sit down so much. Tiredness has overwhelmed me...

I finally reached a bus stop and put my arm out to an approching bus. Stepping on, an old bus driver glared at me with questionable eyes... I could tell he thought I was on the run or something.

"Uh. Child single please..." I asked, pulling out some spare change from my jeans pockets. He nodded miserably, took my money and gave me a bus ticked. 

I sat down on a spare seat and rested the side of my head on the glass window. Watching rain drops splatter on the windows... Daydreaming of home. Sat in front of me, a young couple smooching caught my eyes... I moved away rather discreetly and sat in a different seat, watching two people smooch wasn't a partically pleasent view... 

Gaizing out of a different window, I couldn't help but glance at the couple again. She giggled as her boyfriend tickled her hips and pecked her on the lips softly. My throat went cold dry, as he seemed to remind me of someone...

The bus journey passed quickly and I reached my destination. 

"Thanks." I muttered to the driver as I walked of the bus. I heard him grunt a response, 'Miserable old man.' I thought...

Walking up a hill I caught a stronger scent of Stoneybridge. I was getting closer and closer... Lots of different thoughts circled my brain whilst walking up the hill. 'What is it's still dangerous there?' 'What if Tom and Shannon don't like me anymore?' 'What if Rhydian has changed, or worse. He thinks the wild has changed me?' ... I shook these thoughts out of my head and consentrated more getting back home.

Finally I got to the top of the hill. I peered down at a small village below and couldn't help smiling to myself.

"Home." I whispered to myself. There is no going back from here...

Chapter Six: Heartbeat

Maddy's Pov:

Walking threw the familiar parts of the Stoneybridge moors, I struggled to think of places I could go... I've been thinking of coming back here so much for the past three months, I hadn't thought about the consequences. I don't regret it though. Although I do feel some strong quilt. Oh damn. Maybe I should of told my parents... They're probably going out of their minds of worry. Shaking my head, I dismissed the thought. I couldn't bare to see mam and dad upset, and I caused this all on my own... I decided to keep focused on where I was staying for the night. Surely I couldn't go squatting back into my real home, it's probably too dangerous. And I certainly couldn't go to the Vaughan's, I'm not sure what excuse Tom, Shannon and Rhydian gave them to say I had to leave Stoneybridge... So I couldn't go there... I'll just sleep out here for the night. And I'll get up by sunrise tomorrow and get too school early so I can use their showers... Let's face it. I looked a complete mess. No wonder I got a few looks getting here...

Rhydian's Pov:

I sighed and put away some finished history homework, about the Liberal Reformers. Sitting on my bed I pulled out a few scrap pieces of paper from underneath it. Drawing makes me feel better. I'd been drawing a lot recently, it helps get rid of my depression and anger. Just sitting there, sketching what's on my mind.

After sharpening my best pencil, I tapped it against the woodwork of my desk whilst thinking what to draw. But there was only one thing on my mind. Maddy. I straightened the crinkly piece of paper and started so sketch her delicate, smooth hair. I brushed the led attentively on the paper. Making no mistakes.

Another hour had passed and tiredness caught my eyes. Sighing, I carefully folded the un finished drawing of Maddy away into my backpack. I'll finish it at school. I climbed into bed and closed my eyes tightly. Keeping out the worst of thoughts.

Maddy's Pov:

I slept near two large trees on the same moor. Well, I say sleep. But something kept my eyes open and I couldn't settle. Not sure what it is. I gazed at the stars instead. Marking the mucky sky with their brightness. I tried to count how many there were just to pass the time, or help me fall asleep. So I sat there, just counting.

Next morning, Maddy's Pov:

The beaming sun shone at me causing me to wake up and yawn. I sad up and stretched my arms and legs. A yawn escaped my mouth as I got to my feet. I picked up my bag before heading towards school. This is it, I thought. Everything goes back to normal or completely different. Either way, I'm just happy to be home. Over the full moon.

Rhydian's Pov:

My alarm beeped abruptly In my ears, causing me to wince. I ignored it until my foster mother walked in.

"Come on, Rhydian." I groaned.

"You'll be late for school, and I'm not having you in detention again!"

"Alright." I also mumbled something she didn't pick up. Thank god. She nodded and walked out my room as I dragged myself out of bed and yawned tiredly. Oh great. Another 'exiting' day...

I struggled to keep my eyes open whilst eating my Wheatabix, as if they were forcing themselves shut. I messaged Tom saying I'll meet him and Shannon at school later, I felt bad for shutting them out...

Maddy's Pov, 8:00am:

I'd got to school an hour ago, and in that time I managed to take a shower and wash my hair (Finally!), find some school uniform from lost property. Yes. Lost property clothes are gross. No one goes within three miles of that room, especially the Ks! But I had no other option... What I can't understand is why would someone lose their school jumper anyway? ... I shoved my tacky wild clothes into my rucksack and made my way to the school corridors. I guess wondering round and looking at art work may pass the time...

I glared at some paint work which was pinned of the notice board near Mr Jeffries's room. It was a painting of a familiar moor in Stoneybridge. The artist had gone into extreme detail using shading techniques with different coloured paints and oil pastels. A small scribble at the bottom af the page caught my attention. I leaned in closer to read it. There it was. A name which had been burned into my brain these past three months had popped up again. A name I had been yearning to read by his own handwriting. Rhydian Morris. Small tears welled at my eyes and I pressed my hand against the glass it was protected by.

"It's okay, Rhydian. I'm back now." I accidentally whispered out loud. Mr Jeffries' scent caught up with my nose and I suddenly panicked. Damn! Forgot about Jeffries! I quickly rushed towards the dark room, remembering I packed a key. I wedged the key in the lock and forced the door open. Slamming it closed after woods. I sighed heavily before putting my bag on the far couch and peering round the room. The was no differences since I left Stoneybridge. Not one, as if the room had been abandoned. Untouched. I'll stay here until form time, I'll be more safe then...

Rhydian's Pov, 8:30am:

I arrived at the school grounds bang on eight thirty. I ran up to Tom and Shannon who were waiting for my in the play ground.

"Sorry guys." I apologized.

"Woke up late..."

"It's alright." Tom forgive.

"Come on then." Shannon urged us.

"Don't wanna be late to form again!"

I smug smile caught my lips as I followed them into the school. Today was gonna be a better day.

Entering the building. My legs suddenly froze, still like a painting. A familiar scent rose umong the ground and my heartbeat froze. Instently.

"Rhydian?" Tom asked in concern. But his voice seemed to echo at my ears along with the rest of the world, as I concentrated on that same scent... 

Maddy's Pov:

Damn! It's eight thirty and all the students have started to come it. Quickly I ran out of the dark room and waited out side Jeffries' room.

A couple of minutes passed and my wolf urged at me. The scent of Tom, Shannon and Rhydian entering the school building caused me to sweat and panick. My Wolf-Blood pumped threw my vains rapidly. Black veins crawled up my hands and arms. My heart hammering against my chest, heartbeat out of control! I couldn't do this!

Chapter Seven: Complications And Frustrations

Third Person's Pov:


Rhydian whimpered, breathlessly. His eyes glittering in a sharp yellow wolf colour. Shannon turned round in shock.

"W-what is it Rhydian! Your eyes are yellow!" Shannon hissed in confusment and fear.

"Rhydian, what is it man?!" Tom asked showing the same emotion as Shannon.

"I can smell Maddy!" Rhydian confirmed, blinking the yellow out of his eyes.


Maddy breathed heavily, choking for air. At wolf speed she sprinted into the girls toilets. Before fully entering she sniffed quickly, to see if there was only her in there. Lashing herself at the sinks, she turned the cool tap on and threw ice cold water into her veiny face. Breathing deeply she looked up at herself in the mirror. Her veins had faded, as had her yellow eyes. Wiping the water on her face to the back of her jumper sleeve, Maddy sighed and slowly breathed in and out. Hurriedly she paced out of girls toilets and out of the school. She waited behind the sports hall, out of sight.

Maddy's Pov:

Damn it! I thought. I couldn't just go running back into school. Especially when I haven't taimed my wolf for three months! I'll wait here until break time. But Rhydian's probably got my scent now...

Third Person's Pov:

Shannon rushed back over to Tom and Rhydian.

"I can't find her anywhere!" Shannon confirmed sadly. But Rhydian was still stood there. Still as ice.

"Look maybe you just imagined it... yeah?" Tom tried to convince that Rhydian's imagination had gone wild. However it clearly wasn't helping.

"I'm not an idiot!" Rhydian yelled, unreasonably, causing other pupils to turn and peer at the boy in confusion. Shannon immediately took notes of their glares, and pushed on with the conversation. While Tom was still taken slightly back by his words.

"No. You're not an idiot, Rhydian. But Maddy's not in the school, she's either come here and ran out. Or she's still in the building somewhere. Either way we can risk her wolfing out. So we'll go to lesson, and when its break time we'll search quietly round the school. And you let us know if you get anymore if her scent. Okay, Rhydian?"

"Yeah good idea, Shannon." Tom agreed.

Rhydian nodded slowly in agreement, taking in all this sudden information, he managed to choke out a few words.

"Yeah... Okay, thanks..." Shannon nodded and smiled.

"Anyway if Maddy is back, isn't that a good thing?" Tom questioned Rhydian. But before he could reply, Mr Jeffries was on their case.

"Tom, Shannon, Rhydian! Shouldn't you already be in class?!"

The three of them sighed heavily before nodding in agreement and walking into class.

Later: 9:00am:

First lesson seemed to dreadfully drag for Rhydian. He found it hard to focus and concentrate on anything that was happening during his history class, when really he was more eager to know if that scent was definetly Maddy's and if it was, what was she doing back?

Showing lack of interest to work that was on the board, he carefully pulled out the sketch of Maddy from his rucksack and started to finish it.

Maddy's Pov, 10:00am:

Its been ages now. Form and first lesson are bound to be finished. Though I sat patiently waiting for the bell. The only problem is, when the bell does go, everyone will be coming onto the playground... Sighing I picked my rucksack up, turned and headed for the woods. Hoping I'd left enough scent for Rhydian to follow me...

Rhydian's Pov:

The bell finally rang and the buzz of electricity hit the air as other pupils exitedly ran out of their lessons. I impaitently waited for Tom and Shannon outside my history lesson.

"Hurry up!" I grunted angrily.

Tom and Shannon finally walked out of class, so I immediately got my back of the wall.

"Right, you guys seach round the school, I'll look round the play ground. We can't risk anyone seeing her." Tom and Shannon nodded in agreement.

"If she's not there, I'll follow her scent. And if I'm not back by next lesson.. I dunno, just... Come up with an excuse!" I shouted while turning to run.

Third Person's Pov:

"Right." Shannon started.

"Where do we look first?!"

"You check the hall, I'll check the dark room." Tom inquired.

"Okay." Shannon replied, before running towards the main hall.

Rhydian entered the play ground, taking a big sniff of the atmosphere, he picked up Maddy's scent. His nose kraved it and his legs followed his nose, causing him to run of the school grounds at wolf speed. Jimi, Liam and Sam gawped at Rhydian running towards the woods.

"He running away again?" Jimi smugly, rhetorically asked.

"What's he running away from now?" Sam questioned, curiously.

"I swear he's got a few screws lose up there..." Jimi remarked, causing Liam to snigger.

Rhydian's Pov:

I sprinted carelessly along the forest grounds, smashing through branches and leaves which were defending my way. My heart pumped rapidly as I reached a speed I think I've never even reached before. Closer and closer, as her scent became stronger and stronger... My wolf had taken over my body by now.

Maddy's Pov:

Rhydian's scent reached out to me and I turned my head quickly to the direction it came from.

"Rhydian..." I whispered coyly. I breathed deeply, yearning to be close too him.

Rhydian's Pov:

Transforming back into human form, I slowed down and sniffed once again. The scent was strong and I carried on walking towards it until I saw a shadowy figure under a tall tree...

But then I realized who that figure was... Her brown but clean hair swifting in the cool breeze hid her face. She was wearing normal school clothes that looked a tad too big for her. A rucksack was pilled on the ground next too her. And she seemed to be looking around for something, until she saw me...

Shannon's Pov:

I ran back from the main hall, frustratingly. No sign of Maddy anywhere...

I caught up with Tom running uo to me.

"She's not in the hall, what about the dark room?"

"Not there either." Tom replied, catching his breathe.

"But what about Rhydian?!" I questioned.

"He's not on the playground, I've looked. Don't worry, Shan he's probably gone in the woods looking for her. If he's not back before second lesson, we'll just... We'll just say he had to rush home or something, yeah?"

I nodded and smiled. Tom wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked to the playgroung, keeping an eye out for Maddy or Rhydian!

Rhydian's Pov:

Maddy looked at me from a distance, with thousonds of written expressions on her face.

"M-Maddy?!" I started to run to her again, this time no stopping. Nothing could stop me.

"Rhydian!" She shouted running to me.

Maddy's Pov:

I ran towards Rhydian at intense speed, nothing could stop me. I ran into him and hugged him tightly, letting go.

"Maddy, w-what are you doing here?" Rhydian asked with his arms securely wrapped around me.

"I missed you..." I sobbed into his chest, not fully answering his question. He burrowed his face into me neck.

"I missed you too..." He whispered softly in my ear. I broke the hug and looked deeply into his crystal blue eyes. He seemed to had grown a tad since we last spoke. Not only that, his jaw line had tightened and some facial hair had grown on his face. Which made him look a little more handsome.

"We had to run..."

"What? Why? Has someone hurt you?! Where's your mum and dad?" He looked around for danger frantically.

"No, it's not like that..."  He sighed softly.

"Come on... Let's go for a walk." I nodded and we began walking along the leafy grounds of the forest.

Rhydian's Pov:

While walking we stayed scilent for several minutes, which made me feel a little awkward. I had to say something to break the scilence.

"Soo... What's happened in the wild then. Are you sure you're okay? Where's Mr and Mrs Smith?" I asked her, hopefully not sounding too inquisitive. I didn't want to torment her with too many questions...

"Well... Uhh.. I was hunting but it was my first time so I got a bit lost... So I went in another pack's territory. And, well... They thought our pack was declaring war or something and everything got out of hand. I ran back to Jana and the others because they were chaising me. But they were loads of them... Like at least thirty and there's only 12 in our pack, three of them are cubs. But the other pack wanted to get me so Jana told me, mam and dad to run and she said they'd hold them back..." 

I stopped to face Maddy at how suddenly strikingly beautiful she was.

"They wanted to hurt you cause you accidentaly trespassed on their territory?"

"Kind of yeah..." Maddy replied in a soft low voice.

"So where are the Smith's?" I asked, slightly concerned. She sighed again, this time looking at the ground.

"...Well mam and dad decided it would be safe to stay at Mike and Laura's because it might of been too dangerous here, with Whitewood..."


"But I just wanted to come home... S-so I ran away and came here early to get myself cleaned up..." I shook my head and sighed at her honesty.

"Mads... You should of said something. They're probably worried out of their heads."

"I know... But they'll probably follow my scent and find me anyway. I know I shouldn't of but I just missed home... You. Tom and Shannon." 

I leaned in and hugged her again, and I felt her arms wrap round my back.

"They missed you too." 

"I wouldn't worry about Whitewood. She hasn't been in sight since you left."

"Really?!" Maddy asked in disbelief. 

"Yeah... We thought she'd be at your door step that same day, but not a sign of her. Or any other day. It's probably good news unless she's making a big plan... I thought maybe she'd captured you heading to the wild and I got really scared. If it wasn't for Tom and Shannon I would have been terrified..." Maddy looked up at me with big, wet eyes. 

"So how's mum, Bryn and Jana? How have you been?" I asked changing the subject.

"Your mam's fine, just a bit sad that you didn't get come with us. Bryn's okay, just missed you. Jana's loving being pack leader, missed you Tom, Shannon and the human world though... And me... Well I found the wild strange and I didn't really like it. Jana tried her best to help me fit in but.. I guess I just felt like I didn't belong there..." 

I looked down and smiled. She hadn't changed one bit. Thank god the wild hadn't really had an effect on her.



"How are Tom and Shannon?" Maddy questioned.

"Fine mostly. Just missed you. And thinking of ways to stop Whitewood if she ever shows up." As I finished the sentence she smiled to herself, probably at their thoughtfulness and wanting to keep their friend safe.

"What about everyone at school...?" She responded, clearly dreading the answer.

"Well, we told everyone that you had gone away for a while and everyone just sort of accepted it. But we needed some sort of evidence that you had gone away so we found out the contact details for the Wolfbloods in higher authority. They backed up the evidence so we could say to Jeffries that you had gone away for some family business."

"Okay." She smiled at me and I smiled back.

"...And you?"

"What?" I answered, not fully understanding her statement.

"...How have you been?" Maddy asked, curiously but caringly, as always.

"I dunno... I guess eh.. I've been a bit different, especially since you left..." I trailed of, not really wanting to go into detail. Maddy glanced up and studied my face.

"You look a bit different." She stated confidently.

"Good different or bad different...?"

"Just... Different."

I smiled to myself. My phone suddenly beeped in my pocket.

"Ugh. I forgot about school." I miserebly said, pulling my mobile from my coat pocket. It was a text from Shannon saying 'Where r u, r u ok? R u with Mads?'

"What's wrong?" Mads inquired. I tutted.

"We have to go back to school..."

"...Well, I could wait here until school's finished. Then come meet you, Tom and Shannon?"

"...No, its too risky. Especially if there's a pack out there after you. And your mum and dad, if they find you they'll probably take you back to Mike and Laura's... Y-you'll have to come back to school..."

She nodded slowly.

"Okay... But. What if I can't control like I could before... What if I wolf out. And what about Liam and everyone else..."

"Mads. Its going to ba okay. We'll look after you, it'll just be like old times, yeah?" Her usual bright smile rose on her face, causing me to grin.

We reached the outskirts of school and Maddy breathed deeply. 

"Right... Time to go back to school" She sighed. I smiled and reached for my rucksack. I pulled out my finished sketch of her.

"Here. For you." She took the portrait from my hand and peered at its detail. Another smile crept up her face.

"Its beautiful! Thanks, Rhydian." I imishly grinned and Maddy hugged me gently, before reaching up and pecking me on the cheek, causing me to lightly blush.

"Come on then." I said taking her hand in mine.

"I'm so glad I found you." The words came from my heart.

"No. We found each other." Maddy replied. We both looked each other in the eyes, remembering our last words.

Chapter Eight: Wild At Heart

Maddy's Pov:

We entered the school building, the corridors were empty and quiet. It must be lesson time.

"Won't you get in trouble for running out of lesson?" I asked feeling quite guilty, at the fact that any trouble he may get, it was my fault...

"Doesn't bother me. Besides, its almost the summer holidays." He replies, beaming. With our hands still connected like a titanium lock.

"Oh yeah... I'd forgot about that..." I smile back.

"The wild makes you forget about a lot of things..." He responds. And sadly he's right. The wild can change you in the worst of ways...

Third Person's Pov:

Rhydian pulled out his mobile from his jacket pocket and peered at the time.

"There's another half hour left of lesson before dinner..."

Maddy groaned.

"What shall we do? And what are we gonna tell Jeffries?" She inquired.

"I know. We'll wait in the dark room until lunch, I'll text Shannon and Tom to come and meet us there. We'll get lunch then go to last lesson. If anyone asks about you being here, we'll just say the family crisis is over and you're okay now. Besides, we'll have back up from the Wolfbloods in higher authority." It was the best Rhydian could come up with.

"Okay." Maddy beamed and nodded in agreement. Rhydian nodded back and tilted his head towards the dark room.

"Come on then." Maddy grinned and followed Rhydian.

In Maths:

The class was silent as Mr Jeffries rambled on about something to do with expanding brackets and solving equations in algebra, but the atmosphere was dull. Jimi and Liam were heavily resting their heads in one hand; pretending to pay attention. Sam was lying flat out on the table practically asleep over something they'd been taught about one thousand times before. The 3 Ks were sat in the far left corner of the room. Kara showing slight attention to what Mr Jeffries was saying, Kay was sat filing her nails; showing no interest. Whereas Katrina had a very confused expression marked on her face, as if too say she was lost in the whole subject. Meanwhile, Tom and Shannon were whispering near the back of the room. About something that was completely irrelevant but far more important than maths, of course.

"So where do you think Rhydian is?! You don't think he's gone looking for her do you?" Shannon asked Tom, clearly showing worry for her friend.

"I don't know... Maybe. Look, don't worry, I'm sure we'll see him at dinner. He might even be with Maddy." Tom replied reassuringly and showing slight exitment near the end of his sentence.

"Yeah but what if she's in danger?! What if there's a pack leader after her like there was with Rhydian? And he can't just bring her back to the school, can he?"

"Look, just calm down... Maybe you should text him."

"Okay. I'll ask him where he is and if he's okay." Shannon reached for the mobile in her cardigan pocked and searched for Rhydian's contact. Once she found it, she continuously tapped the keys.

'Where R U? R U ok? Is Mads with you? Shannon.'

In The Dark Room:

Maddy and Rhydian were sat on the maroon sofa in awkward silence when Rhydian's mobile pinged. He rose from his seat and walked to his ruck sack, opened it and rumbled around in the bag looking for in.

"Is that Shannon?" Maddy asked out of curiosity.

"Yeah." Rhydian answered, more concentrated on reading the text.

'I'm fine, wiv Mads now :) come meet us after lesson in dark room wiv Tom. Rhydian.' Rhydian sent the message and sat back down on the sofa next to Maddy.

"... How is she? Is she still with, um?... Harry?" Maddy questioned, recalling Harry's name.

"Yeah she's good, appart from missing you. I think she's still with Harry... She doesn't speak about him much though, and we don't really see him cause he's gone to collage." Maddy smiled in responce. Her questions made her feel as if a decade had passed, although a lot can change in three months.

"What about Tom? Still in love with football?" Maddy rhetorically but humorously probed. Rhydian grinned.

"You're telling me. He's asking me out to matches every Saturday. I haven't really had much to do, so sometimes I go..." Maddy gasped in disbelif.

"You. Football?"

"What? Its alright I suppose..." Maddy giggled.

In Maths:

Shannon's mobile vibrated in her pocket. She gave Tom a look before pulling it out and reading the recieved message.

"SHANNON!" Mr Jeffries shouted, causing five or six students to awake in shock at the sudden change in volume and Shannon to jump out of her skin. He walked up to her at a fast pace as she tried to hide the glowing phone.

"There's no point hiding it, because I've already seen it. Hand it over." Shannon rolled her eyes then passed him her phone, causing the three Ks too snigger in amusement.

"What did it say?" Tom whispered while Mr Jeffries placed the mobile on his desk. Shannon beamed.

"He's with Maddy. They're in the dark room, we'll meet them at lunch." Tom's face immediately lit up as he heard the news.

"Right. Tomorrow we're all going to work on something I'm sure you're all familiar with..." Mr Jeffries opened the first slide of the presentation, which was titled 'Indices'. The whole class threw their heads back and groaned restlessly. But Mr Jeffries stood there, with a big smile on his face.

In The Dark Room:

Rhydian coughed awkwardly and changed to an embarassing subject that he knew he may have to over come. So he thought it was best to get it out of the way...

"...So um... Does err... Mum know about, w-well. Ya know.. Us?" He winsed at his question, regreting asking it.

Maddy fiddled with the bottom of her 'borrowed' school jumper before answering.

"I-I uh.. Haven't really spoke about it much..." She bit her bottom lip.

"Okay.. W-what about Jana?..." Rhydian asked, hoping he didn't embarass Maddy too much.

"S-she knows..."

"Okay.. I-is she okay with it?"


"Okay.... Cause I-I..Uh. Still do..." Rhydian looked at the ground.

"...What?" Maddy replied softly, looking deep into his earthly blue eyes.

In Maths:

The bell rang loudly and echoed along the corridors. The students quickly rised from their seats, making their way out of the lesson. Tom and Shannon were the first ones out.

"And don't forget your homework!" Mr Jeffries shouted. Tom and Shannon quickly paced along the school corridors, making their way to the dark room. They reached the door and glanced at each other for a split second before Shannon burst through the door in excitement...

Maddy and Rhydian looked up at Tom and Shannon, who had bright smiles on their faces.

"Maddy!" Shannon shouted in amazment. She quickly ran over to her and hugged her best friend tightly.

Rhydian threw his head back in relief of their perfect timing...

He grinned as he saw the two best friends reunite, it was revealing to see the girls together again.

"Don't I get a hug?" Tom rhetorically asked, holding back a huge explosion of happiness.

"Of course you do!" Maddy chuckled, ran up to her best boy-friend and hugged him. The four of them laughed and Maddy looked at them all.

"W-what you doing here?" Shannon questioned, her smile covering her confusement. But clearly amazed at the same time.

"...I-I..Uh-" The words struggled to escape her lips, however Rhydian quickly covered it up for her.

"-She can tell us over lunch." Rhydian replied, with a smile. Tom nodded and Shannon grinned.

"Are you sure I'm ready though... I might let you down." Maddy looked down. Disappointed in herself she was unable to look the three friends in the eyes. Rhydian sighed and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder,

"Come on Mads, you'll be fine. We'll look after you, It'll just be like old times." Rhydian stated softly. Maddy nodded confidently and grinned. Shannon smiled at her friend.

"But. Are you sure? I mean, won't everyone be asking why she's back and everything? And what about Jeffries, does he know you're back?" Tom asked Rhydian, concerned.

"Well if people ask we either tell them straight, 'Its none of your business or just say the family crisis is over. And Jeffries, well... We could say that your mum and dad have been trying to contact the school to say you're coming back, but it hasn't been working. I'm sure we'll get back up from the Wolfblood Maf- uh.. Wolfbloods in higher authority, anyway." Rhydian explained. The three of them nodded.

"Come on then." Rhydian smiled at Maddy rather fetchingly. And she returned the smile.

The reunited pack walked out of the dark room in a group. A few people peered at Maddy in disbelief and some showed no interest, probably because they didn't know who she was. They arrived at the canteen and Shannon scanned around for a table. The hall was full with students eating their lunch and there was a buzzing atmosphere. Shannon managed to spot an empty table towards the back of the hall.

"Found one!" She announced. The four of them hurried to the back of the hall and craftily sat down on the seats. Rhydian hoped no one saw Maddy with them, the last thing he wanted was for Maddy to go through what Jana did on her first day...

"So what you doing back?" Tom began assessing the surprising situation.

Maddy sighed as all eyes were on her.

"Well... I basically went hunting and uh.. I uh got a big lost and hunted in another pack's territory. There was like thirty of then and they chased me back to Jana's pack..."

"They chased you? What is it like a Wolfblood crime to hunt in another pack's territory?" Shannon questioned, showing worry.

"Kind of. Anyway they were after me so Jana told me, dad and mam to run and they'd hold the pack back. I tried to say no because it was unfair and it was my fault and everything... But Jana and Ceri insisted. So we ran for miles, we wasn't sure where to go so we went to Mike and Laura's. Mam and dad kept saying it was too dangerous to come back here and everything... But I wanted too, because I missed you all... My old life... Soo I kinda... Ranaway and came to Stoneybridge. I came here early, found some clothes and cleaned myself up..." Shannon sighed and smiled sweetly.

"Mads... That's really considerate of you, but what about your mum and dad? They'll be looking for you, won't they?" Shannon sorrowfully stated. Maddy could already picture their angry and disappointed faces in her mind. She couldn't bare the thought.

"I dunno... Probably..."

"But what if they take you back?" Tom sadly replied.

"We haven't seen Whitewood since she first got the evidence. We can persuade them too let her stay, they could even come back now seen as its safe. I dunno, we'll figure something out..." Rhydian responded confidently.

"Err... Yeah... That's another thing. Where am I gonna stay?" Maddy replied. She hadn't thought of that... The four of them studied for an answer, and Rhydian managed to come up with a good one.

"You could stay at the Vaughan's! We'll just say that... Your mum and dad are down in Devon at the moment while we wait for them to track you down, and you need somewhere to stay because you didn't want to go. I'm sure they'll let you stay." Rhydian beamed and Maddy grinned.

"Thanks, Rhydian." Maddy sweetly reacted. Rhydian shrugged his shoulder as if too say its the least he could do. Tom and Shannon gazed at the pair, with big, wide grinns spread across their faces. Maddy suddenly sniffed the air.

"I can smell food." Her statement caused Rhydian to chuckle, as he slowly stood up from his seat.

"I'll get you something, what do you want?" Rhydian kindly asked, showing his sweet features.

"Thanks, Rhydian! Err. I dunno just... Anything that's not raw meat." Maddy comically, but pleasantly answered. Rhydian chuckled once more then walked towards the dinner queue and collected a spare tray.

"I'm gonna get something too." The two girls gasped as Tom abandoned them and ran to the queue.

"Rhydian, wait up!" He shouted. Casing the girls to laugh.

"So what's the wild been like?"

"Honestly? Awful!" Shannon smiled in amusement.

"How's Jana?"

"Missed you lot and the human world, but fine I guess."

"I hope's she's okay, what with that other wild pack and everything..."

"Don't worry, I'm sure she's fine... I feel kinda bad though..."

"Come on Mads, it wasn't your fault."


"Are you still with Harry?" Shannon sighed.

"Yeah but I hardly see him... He's too busy with college and the band." She reported sadly.

"Anyway there's a more important question..." Shannon teased.


"...You and Rhydian?" Maddy parted her hands in gesture. She knew she'd get this...

"What about us?"

"Are you going out now?"


"What about before?"


"...When you were going to go on that date... Then you kissed?" Shannon grinned wildly. Maddy groaned in embarrassment and rubbed her eyes.

"Shan!" Shannon cracked up, then became more mature.

"He really missed you, ya know?" Maddy believed her the moment she casually said, because her voice changed to a more honest and sad tone. Maddy's embarrassed grin dropped in a split second, she glanced up at Rhydian waiting patiently in the queue and laughing with Tom. The glow of sunlight from the far windows of the hall dyed Rhydian's lightly spiked and gelled hair a more golden brown colour. And his handsomeness reflected brightly. Maddy lightly smiled.

"I missed him too..."

"Its the first time he's smiled in weeks. He's so happy he found you..." Maddy and Shannon's conversation continued, meanwhile the three Ks on one of the front of the tables, gossiped about their favorite subjects. Hair and make-up (Of course!).

"I think these extensions might look nice. I don't know if they'll go with my hair though, you know what I mean?" Kara explained talking to either Kay or Katrina, as Kay sipped some of her drink.

"Is that Maddy Smith?!" Katrina almost shouted, pointing to the back of the hall towards where Maddy and Shannon were sat.

"No way!" Kara peered to where Katrina was pointing.

"What's she doing back?!" Kay said in shock.

"Look there's Rhydian! Let's see where he goes..." Katrina whispered as Rhydian walked by with two dinner trays in his hands, Tom following him with his own lunch in his hands. Their eyes followed him as he walked back too where Maddy and Shannon were sitting. Rhydian beamed as he saw Maddy's face light up when he handed her some lunch and passed her a peach flavoured Radnor Fizz. He sat down beside her and the four of them continued to talk. Kara had had enough. She leaned forward to where Jimi, Sam and Liam where sat.

"Hey Jimi!" She muttered. Jimi turned round to face her with that usual smug smile he had stuck on his face.

"What is it?" He replied smugly, either he was trying to impress or half the time he couldn't help speaking in a proud tone.

"Isn't that Maddy over there?" Kara spoke, pointing directly at Maddy. Jimi, Sam and Liam glared.

"No way! Jimi exclaimed almost laughing. He got up from his seat and Sam and Liam followed.

"Your still the same, ya know." Maddy grinned talking to Rhydian.

"Thought you said I was different?" Rhydian replied.

"Yeah, except from the beard." This caused a chuckle from Tom. Rhydian groaned.

"Its not a beard!" Maddy and Shannon giggled. Jimi, Sam and Liam approched them...

"Oi, Rhydian!" Jimi raised his voice at a close distance.

"I'm not missing this!" Kay announced. The three Ks gazed at the table Jimi, Sam and Liam were around.

"What?" Rhydian answered, coldly. Maddy froze, unsure what to do.

"What's Maddy doing back so soon?" He asked rather rudely, obviously not caring why she was back.

"None of your business. That's what." Rhydian stated clearly, already getting provoked by his presence.

"Where were you, Maddy?" Maddy struggled with her words as Rhydian's breathing became more intense.

"I-I was.. Uh.. -" Rhydian came to her defence.

"Just leave her alone, and stop asking us questions!"

"Yeah just back off, man..." Tom added.

"I was asking HER." Jimi answered Rhydian back, staring him in the face. Rhydian gritted his teeth and growled viciously under his breath, but remained his strength.

"Calm down." Maddy whispered and pleaded.

"I had too go. There was a family crisis, not that its any of your business like Rhydian said, but..." Rhydian couldn't help but grin at her quick thinking and smart come back.

"There. You got your answer. Can you leave us alone now?" Shannon attempted to ask politely although Jimi was being extremely annoying, as usual.

"Its just..." Jimi continued, not seemingly threatened by Rhydian's anger rising rapidly.

"When you left -"

"What?!" Maddy asked slowly.

"Your boyfriend turned into a right cry baby." Sam and Liam sniggered as it caused some other pupils attention. Jimi also sniggered and turned to walk away. But Rhydian had, had it.

"I SAID BACK OFF!" He screamed. He leaped up and grabbed Jimi's school shirt collar, this immediately caused his smirk to fade as Rhydian gritted his teeth, glaring him deathly in the eyes, his wild heart bursting into flames of red anger. Small black ink veins began to appear on the back of his neck as he aggressively pushed Jimi into the corner of a table. Maddy needed to help him calm down.

"Rhydian!" Tom and Shannon held Rhydian back as he viciously tried to get back at Jimi.

"COME ON THEN, GET UP! IF YOU THINK YOU'RE SO SMART!" Everyone gathered round in shock and amusement. Including the three Ks.

Maddy ran up and faced Rhydian. Jimi, who was now back on his feet, stood in pain and groaned, rubbing his back. Sam and Liam kept a same distance. Rhydian breathed heavily, unsure weather he would be able to hold his anger and control the power of his wolf.

"Shh." Maddy hushed.

"I-I uh -" Rhydian stammered with his words while we was frantically breathing.

"I'm sorry." He shuttered. Maddy laced her hands round his neck, Shannon gave Tom a look, he nodded and they both released his arms.

"Its okay. Just breathe, okay?" Maddy replied soothingly and forgivingly. He slowly nodded and remained calm.

"COME ON RHYDIAN! PUNCH HIM!" Kara screeched joyfully.

"FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT -" Everyone continuously shouted, encouraging the fight to go on for their entertainment. But their voices became distant to Rhydian, all he focused on is Maddy's eyes and his breathing. She leaned forward brought his fore head closer to her's. Gently she wiped away a small tear falling at the corner of his right eye.

"Shh, its okay." She shushed. His sharp blue eyes reflected apologetically while full of sorrow.

"Just ignore them. There's no one else here, yeah?" His breathing was more calm, taking in her words. Maddy felt the heat of his body close to her's. She felt his heart beat more humanly at a close distance. She smiled softly at him, he was now fully under control.

"I knew you could do it..." She whispered peacefully. Hearing the words made his heart skip a beat... His breathing was now silent and he was lost in a paradise looking into Maddy's eyes. Before he was able to talk or react, Mrs Fitzgerald's voice raised while walking into the hall.

"WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?!" She shouted in anger. Tom and Shannon stood in front of Maddy and Rhydian, preferably to hide Maddy.

"It-It was Rhydian! He attacked me miss!" Jimi spoke with Sam and Liam nodding their heads. But this time Maddy had had enough. She broke through the crowd and spoke up.

"No actually! It was you who caused it Jimi. You caused Rhydian to get angry, so you caused it by yourself!" She looked at the ground helplessly. All pupils eyes, including Mrs Fitzgerald's, were on her. Miss Fitzgerald stood awkwardly, unsure what to do of Maddy presence. The three Ks laughed at Jimi, who went red in the face.

"Yes... Right well, uh. Jimi, take yourself to the school nurse and she'll get your back sorted out. Also if miss Smith is speaking the truth, then I'm sure we'll be able to get you a detention.."

"But!" Mrs Fitzgerald continued, not listening to Jimi.

"Rhydian... Maddy, I'll take you both to Mr Jeffries... I'm sure you've both got some explaining to do..." Rhydian looked at Maddy firmly before Maddy nodded at miss slowly, she did not regret her action. But Rhydian was ashamed at his aggression...

"Right, come on then you two... Everyone else sit down!" She ordered.

"We'll wait here, guys." Said Tom referring to him and Shannon.

"Okay..." Maddy agreed. She and Rhydian followed Miss Fitzgerald out of the hall, on the way Maddy heard a few pupils whisper to each other.

"What's she doing back?" She heard Becky whisper to friend.

"J-Just ignore them..." Rhydian whispered in Maddy's ear. So she did. Following Miss Fitzgerald to Mr Jeffires' office. Maddy and Rhydian kept silent on their journey there. Miss Fitzgerald knocked on Mr Jeffries' door.

"Come in!" He called. So miss opened the door.

"Er yes, hello sir. There's been an incident in the canteen, and er, we've got a visitor..." She opened the door further and made Maddy visible.

"Oh, Maddy? What a supprise..." He said in supprise.

"I'll leave you too it..." Miss said, before walking out the room, leaving the two teens standing alone.

"Eh... Both of you, come in. Sit down"

In The Canteen:

Shannon sighed frustratingly.

"As if he thinks he can get away with something like that." She reported, referring to Jimi.

"Don't worry, Shan, he won't." Tom reasurred.

"I doubt he'll ever learn to be mature..." She said, shaking her head.

In Mr Jeffries' Office:

Maddy and Rhydian sat down awkwardly. Maddy looked around nervously and almost started panicking at a ray of questions she was sure Mr Jeffries would ask her. Rhydian slipped his hand into her's and held it firmly. Maddy looked up and smiled at him, he returned the smile, which relaxed her immediately...

Chapter Nine: Welcome To My Pack

End Of Lunchtime, Third Person's Pov:

After around half an hour of explaining to Mr Jeffries about why Maddy was back and what all the commotion and riff-raff was about, he finally decided to let them off the hook. Maddy and Rhydian were releaved and on their way to science. Rhydian sighed with releif.

"Glad we got that out of the way..." 

"I'm just surprised he believed us."

"Let's just be thankful he did..."  

"...Thanks for that, you know." Rhydian announced, gazing down at the dusty corridor floor.

"For what?"

"Stopping me from killing Jimi... And I'm sorry for attacking him, he just provokes me sometimes." Maddy shook her head in disagreement.

"No, you're right. He's an idiot and sometimes he deserves it. And besides, I knew you'd be able to control yourself."

By now they were getting used to each other's company and it felt like everything was the same again, but something always bugged Maddy into thinking it wasn't... They reached the class room and Maddy looked up at Rhydian and blinked. He looked down at her and tried his best to confort. He breathed.

"Let's just get this day over with."


After an agonizing one hunded minute science lesson was over, Maddy was releaved.  She couldn't stand the awkwardness and looks of students any longer. The end of school bell was like music to her ears. One by one every student left the classroom in a chatty manner. Behind you could hear Mrs Parish's clear, bold instruction.

"And I will be expecting your homework to be handed in TOMORROW, Mr Morris!" She crisply called. Yeah, yeah. Was all he thought, while he polietly escorted Maddy out the room with one hand securley wrapped around her waist.

"Mhh." He answered, ignorantly.

"So where you going from now?" Tom asked, last out.

"Well, I'll take Mads back to the Vaughan's, and hopefully they'll let her stay. Then we'll figure things out from there." Shannon nodded and grinned.

"Okay so eh, how about you meet us at Bernie's at four? Tell us how things are working out?" Shannon suggested.

"Sure. Just give us a bit of time to sort things out first. I'll message you when we're ready to meet you." 

"Okay, so, we'll meet you later... See you later mads." Tom smiled and so did Shannon before they walked away.

"Bye..." She answered as they drifted away.

"Right... Let's get home then."


Most of the way through the woods, Maddy couldn't help but worry. What is everything went wrong? What if her mam and dad came back, and tried to take her back to mike and Laura's? All these questions bombarded her straight on. And this time she couldn't get them out of her head. Rhydian cept a firm grip of her hand, as he occasionally started to do more oftern now. He'd supported her a lot through her situation, and she thought a lot of it. They reached the exit of the woods, and the entrance to the Vaughan's enormous, huge bricked house.

"Wait here." Rhydian stated. He loosened hold of Maddy hand and opened the main glass door, which leaded into the kitchen.

"Hello? Mum?" He called, hoping for an answer, as Yeasayer's 'Rome' played quietly on the portable radio.

"Rhydian?" Lyn answered.

"What is it?" She questioned walking into the kitched with a magazine and pen in her hand. He sighed, knowing this was going to be difficult. 

"Mum..." He began.

"Maddy's here."

"What? I thought she was away?" Lyn asked, a little puzzled by his sudden statement.

"Um... Yeah she was, but... Family crisis is over now and ehh. She's back." He bit his bottem lip.

"Well don't leave her standing alone outside then, let her in!" She smiled at her foster son.

"Ehh... Right yeah." He laughed awkwardly, then went to the door to welcome Maddy inside. Maddy slowly stepped inside the Vaughan's, as Rhydian closed the door after. Lyn's face clearly brightened up as Maddy entered the kitchen.

"Oh, hello." She greeted kindly.

"Isn't this a surprise." 

"Hello." Maddy smiled.

"Come and sit down." Lyn polietly gestured to the table chairs. Both Maddy and Rhydian sat down, and Rhydian finally figured it would be a good time to ask his foster mother now.

"Eh, mum we need to ask you something..." Rhydian winced and bit his lip again. Lyn's smile dropped as she glared at the two one by one, and her eyed peeled wide open, like a hawk hunting for pray.

"...You haven't?" She death glared Rhydian, and glanced at Maddy in pity and eyes full of sorrow. It took a second for them both to work out what she was hinting at, until Rhydian caught what she was getting at.

"What?! NO." Rhydian lifted from the wooden table chair. Lyn sighed in relief and began breathing again. But Maddy stared hard at the cream tiled floor, she couldn't dare look at either of them! Rhydian rubbed the back of his neck.

"Look, mum... Maddy needs somewhere to stay... Soo, I was thinking maybe she could stay here for a while?" He prayed he hadn't pushed his luck and hopes too far.

"But where's your parents?" Lyn wondered.

"They're um... Staying at some friends for a while. They're just sorting a few things out... I didn't want to stay so they said I could go back to the house -"

"But they I offered her to stay here, so she's not all alone. If that's okay with you, mum?" Rhydian begged, like a child nagging for a sleep-over. Lyn tutted.

"Well it would of been nice for you to have talked to me earlier about this, Rhydian. That way be could of organized this properly... When do Mr and Mrs Smith get back, honey?" She asked Maddy, in a way you would ask a small child.

"Umm.. Only a couple days. But if I can't stay, that's okay. I don't want to be any trouble." Maddy started, and felt like it was time she left. Lyn shook her head.

"No, no, of course you can stay! Don't be silly, sit down. I just want to make sure they know you are here." Maddy sat back down and smiled thankfully.

"Oh, that's okay. We can message them later." Rhydian replied.

"Come on Mads..." Rhydian continued, slightly tugging on Maddy's jumper to move. He was obviously avoiding someting...

"Oh hello, Maddy. I thought I heard a familiar voice." Nick grinned as he walked into the kitchen, scratching his dark brown hair. Rhydian threw his head back and groaned, he was hoping to avoid his foster father for many reasons...

"Hello." Maddy smiled back.

"We're going to have to let Maddy stay here for a couple of days, love. Her parents are away at the moment." Lyn reported to Nick.

"That's okay with me." Nick answered.

"But where is she going to sleep?" He asked his wife.

"I'm sure the back spare bedroom will do." Lyn answered.

"Have you got nothing with you, Maddy?" Nick asked, concerned.

"No my stuff's back at home."

"How 'bout I show you your room, them we'll go back you your place and get your stuff?" Rhydian suggested.

"Yeah, that sounds good..." Maddy played along, although she was a little puzzled.

"Well why don't you get your stuff now? I'll sort your room out while your gone, I'm sure you don't want to see it while it's in a mess." Said Nick.

"Great idea." Rhydian replied and made his way to the door with Maddy.

"Right. I'll get lunch ready." Lyn left her chair and made her way towards the main kitchen area.

"Will pasta be okay, Maddy?" Lyn requested.

"Sure." Maddy responded, sweetly.

"I'll have to put that camp bed in there for now, because there's no bed. No fooling around." Nick jokingly warned Rhydian as he ruffled his blonde hair.

"Dad!" he grumbled as shook his head while him and Maddy left the house. Nick chuckled as he closed the door behind them. Rhydian tutted.

"Welcome to my pack." He indicated. Maddy grinned as they made their way through the deep dry woods. The sun was low, and it's brightness shone inbetween individual trees. It was quite mild as it usually was in typical British summer weather, but there was also a cool draft in the air. The blue skies could fool you from a closed window.

"So where we going? We can't go back to mine, can we?" Maddy's enquiry broke the pieceful scilence in the quiet forest.

"I thought we could get you some stuff from Shannon's, I'm sure she won't mind." Rhydian responded. 

"Okay." Maddy approved. The two continued to talk on there journey to Shannon's house and when they reached the household, Rhydian rang the door bell. In two seconds flat Shannon opened the door wide, in her usual knitted jumper and baggy trouses with her hair in a long plat.

"Oh hey guys. What you doing here? I thought we were meeting at Bernie's?" She acknowledged. Rhydian shifted his feet on the stoney pavement and tilted his head to the side.

"We sort of... Need a favor actually." Rhydian and Maddy grinned, pleadingly. Shannon smiled and shook her head.

"What is it?" She sighed.

"I'm staying at Rhydian's but I'm going to need some stuff, so..." Maddy bit her bottem lip and raised her eyebrows to let Shannon figure out what she was asking. She tutted and laughed.

"Wait here." Shannon told the pain. She then rushed of up stairs.


Approximetly ten minutes later Shannon came back down the stairs with a sports bag, obviously packed with quite a lot.

"Right. I've packed you some pajamers, a spare toothbrush, socks, pants and some clothes to wear in the day. Don't worry. Clothes you'll actually like... And I've put some boots in there..." Shannon glanced down to Maddy's ripped, old sandshoes she was wearing.

"Just in case you want to get rid of those... Things." Maddy peered down at her feet, then took the bag from Shannon and smiled.

"Thanks Shan." Maddy beamed. Shannon nodded then the three of them stood in silence for a few seconds.

"Right well uh.. We best be getting back. We'll see you soon. We won't be able to make it out to Bernie's later, sorry about that..." Maddy glanced up at Rhydian and frowned.

"Won't we?"

"Why?" Shannon sadly looked at the pair. Then back at Rhydian as he made a face.

"Ohhhh..." Shannon smugly smiled and then looked down as Rhydian nodded his head.

"What?" appealed Maddy, smiling awkwardly.

"No, no. I totally understand." Shannon said, exaggerating the word totally.

"Understand what?!" Maddy stated, losing her amusement of being ignored.

"Nothing. Nothng. I'll see you guys at school tomorrow then.." Shannon chuckled as she shut the door. Maddy and Rhydian turned away and began walking back through the woods.

"Do you wanna tell me what all THAT was about?" Maddy wondered.

"Nothing." Rhydian sighed with a plastered grin on his face. He watched his feet moving along the muddy track instead of making eye contact with Maddy.

"No, tell me!" Maddy demanded, refusing to change the subject.

"No really, its nothing I swear." Rhydian replied still looking at the ground.

"Okay..." Maddy replied, unsure of what she just heard. Both of them made their way back to the Vaughan's as the sunlight still shined on them.

Chapter Ten: Awkward Moments & Conversations 

The front door to the Vaughan's house hold swung open, Rhydian walked in with Maddy following his lead.

"We're back!" Rhydian alerted, not particularly motivated for a response. Nick wondered down the stairs and grinned at the pair.

"Your room's made up, if you'd like to go see it." Nick proudly remarked to Maddy.

"Yeah, great! I'll er.. Show her." Rhydian said awkwardly. And like a gentleman he offered to hold Maddy's things. Maddy smiled and handed them over.


"Err. Not so fast young man!" Lyn called, hands on her hips. Like any mother would when they're about to give a lecture. Rhydian froze then sighed frustratingly, loud enough for then to hear. He turned round slowly to face her, keeping a grip of the bag on his shoulder.

"Don't forget you're cooking tonight." Lyn finished and sloped off into the living room. Maddy held back a choke of laughter.

"You?!" She stated, as the young Wolfbloods climbed the stairs obviously astonished.

"Cook?!" She giggled.

"Mmh.." He replied, in his usual moody way. They reached the landing and Rhydian opened a first door on the left.

"Welcome to your new room." He smugly greeted. Maddy slowly but surely stepped inside the colourless room, and observed it. There was a pink duvet layed neatly on the bed, which was placed in the far corner of the room. There was also a large window near the bed, pink curtains accompanying it. The walls were painted bare white, however on one wall there was some simple flowery wallpaper (That had obviously been there for quite a while). Maddy usually hated plain coloured rooms, they reminded her of depression. However she couldn't help but smile, her teeth showing off as she wondered round the room. It was perfect. Not to bold and colourful, not to plain and simple. Just perfect.

"So, eh.. Do you like it?" Maddy turned so Rhydian and her were face to face, while she had the same grin.

"Its beautiful! I love it." Rhydian scoffed. And for a moment her and Rhydian were beaming and staring into each other's mystical eyes. Maddy moved away slightly, then sat down comfortably on the ready made bed. Rhydian followed and sat relatively close to her. He took the bag from his shoulders and placed it at the end of the bed.

"So.." Maddy began to make conversation.

"What does your room look like?"

"Well, how 'bout I show you?" Rhydian suggested.

"Yeah, okay." Maddy nodded. They left Maddy's new room and entered one that was just on the second left of it. Maddy followed Rhydian inside and gazed around every inch of the room. The walls were completely covered with immaculate art work by him. There were sketches of Tom and Shannon, the moors, Wolfbloods, and one that looked quite like her... His room was quite plain really, like her's, apart from the brown curtains that protected the window.

"This is it.. Really." Rhydian said, scratching the bottom of his hair.

"Wow.. You've been doing so much drawing..." Maddy responded, her eyes glued on every piece.

"Um.. Yeah..." Rhydian replied unenthusiastically, still scratching the back of his neck.

"They're amazing." This caused Rhydian to trigger a smile, which he couldn't fight.

"Thanks.." There was one piece in particular that stood out to her, almost glowing. Two alpha wolves stood on a rock watching over, as two cubs, what portrayed as play fighting, on a rock below. Another one that also reached out was another still sketch of her. She grinned and pulled out the one Rhydian gave her from her pocket. She opened up the crumpled piece of paper and put both the pieces of work against each other. They were identical. Rhydian smiled and shook his head as he made himself comfy on his un-made bed. Maddy continued to scan through the sketches, clearly astounded by them all. Rhydian shifted awkwardly and stared at his feet.

"So.. I uh.. Was wondering." Maddy noticed that Rhydian was obviously struggling to inform her about something. She sat down beside him and folded her hair behind her ears.

"What is it Rhydian?" She asked softly, although, like him, she was staring at the ground, unwilling to look up at him.

"W-well.. you know, like before... When I asked if you wanted too..." Rhydian edged his words and trailed off, hoping Maddy would figure out which direction he was going. Instead she just replied

"Want too? ..." Rhydian sighed and put it straight.

"...Go on a date..."

"Yeahh?" Maddy teased with a big grin forming on his lips. Although Rhydian was drying to defeat an army of butterflies growing in his stomach. He hated the fact that Wolfbloods could get them too...

"Well... I was thinking... Because we, like.. Didn't get to go last time... Maybe you'd l- um... like to go on... One t-tonight?... I mean it doesn't have to be like that.. If you don't want! It could just be like... A catching up sort of thing... I mean, since we're not... Like, y'know." At that point, Rhydian froze. Hating every inch of himself, and his wolf too! Maddy moved slightly closer to him, in a way of making him feel more comfortable.

"Rhydian... Course I will." Rhydian grinned in delight.

"Great.. I think w -

"Rhydian!!" Lyn shouted, completely cutting Rhydian clean off his sentence. Rhydian growled a little under his breath.


"Don't use that tone with me, Mr Morris!"

"Hmm!" He grunted. His embarrassment overwhelming him. Maddy couldn't help but snigger. Seeing him and Lyn somehow reminded her of her mam and her. However her smile sank thinking on the subject of that...

"Come down here and do the cooking!" She ordered.

"Kay, one minute!" Rhydian sighed heavily, for what felt like the 10,000th time that day.

"I was thinking maybe we could eat out.. If you want?" He kindly questioned. Maddy nodded.

"Yeah okay. But... What about cooking?" He stood up from his bed and shrug his shoulders.

"I dunno, I'll just... Make tea for mum and dad."

"Okay, I'll stay here and unpack." Rhydian agreed and strolled down the stairs lazily. Lyn was waiting impatiently at the bottom.

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The oven beeped, and a startled Rhydian sighed and rushed over to get it out the oven. Lyn walked in and stared at the ready made pasta.

"Are you sure that's going to be be enough for us all, Rhydian?" Rhydian carried on what he was doing, not putting down the plate in his hand.

"...Me and Maddy are... Eating somewhere else tonight." He said nervously.

"Oh, really?!" Lyn stood there, beaming, eyes glittering. Rhydian sighed (Again!) and put down the plate.

"Yes." He shook his head. Why does everyone have to make such a big deal about it?!

"Well, I'll finish putting dinner on the table. You need to go and get ready." Rhydian stared at her, questionably and dumbfounded.

"...I don't need to get ready..."

"Nonsense! You haven't even had a shower since you came in, young man. Go on. At least put some smart clothes on!" Lyn encouraged. Rhydian stood there with a sarcastic smile.

"I'm taking Maddy out. Not meeting Queen Elizabeth."

"Go on!" He groaned and walked up the stars at a slow pace. Although he had to admit, it would be better if he made an effort.

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Maddy had done unpacking her bag and now all she needed to do was find something to wear for her and Rhydian's 'date'... But that was the thing... There wasn't really any 'fancy' sort of clothes to choose from, apart from a dress... Maddy knew she didn't need to make an effort for Rhydian. But she wanted to at least try. She didn't hate dresses, but they made her feel uncomfortable. She glanced down at the dress that was spread out on her bed and sighed... Maybe she should give it a try...