aka Louise Findlay

  • I live in Scotland
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is Author
  • I am Female
  • Angel7090695001

    Lysa Myasoray is half Vampire, half Wolfblood. Shunned by wild wolfblood packs and hunted throughout the wild, she decides to give tame life another chance. Hoping to find protection and a pack with the tames of Stoneybridge, will they kill her because of who she is or better yet will she kill them?

    I suppose I was dreading this. It was years since I had set foot in a school; years since I last went tame. My schooling lasted about 8 months before a wild wolfblood pack found me and drove me out. That was one of the times I barely escaped with my life. It taught me an important lesson though. Never dull your instincts. I thought I was safe in human territory. Wild wolfblood packs would never venture into civilisation. I was wrong. They would …

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