United We Stand
Series 5, Episode 5x10
Airdate 1 May 2017
Written by Debbie Moon
Directed by Steve Hughes
Episode Guide
The War With the Humans
United We Stand is the tenth episode of Series 5.

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Jana fulfils her promise to come after Hartington. Dr. Whitewood discovers the amazing truth about Project Genesis. TJ finds himself with a huge responsibility.



Madoc is exposed as a traitor out to cause division and abandoned as the pack returns to the city. Jana is declared the new leader but is captured by Hartington, who explains to her his hatred of Wolfbloods. Whilst Agent Jones orders the release of Hartington's other prisoners Jana escapes and follows Hartington to a waterworks which he intends to contaminate with a serum that will turn all Wolfbloods who drink it into humans with no wolf powers. As Dr. Whitewood finally attempts to uncover the nature of Project Genesis Jana and her friends must thwart Hartington and his plan. (Source came from here:

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