Born Possibly 1998 (same as the main characters)
School Year 9 - Series 1, 10 - Series 2 Possibly
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Brown & Brown
Species Human
Family N/A
Interests N/A
Crush N/A
Friends Becky
Enemies/Frenemies Maddy
The Three Ks (through support of Becky)
Nicknames N/A
First Appearance Maddy Cool!
Portrayer Rachel Head
Tilly is seen as Becky's friend in Wolfblood Series 1, episode Maddy Cool!. Assumedly, Tilly is a trustworthy friend as Becky confides in her about not going to sleepovers because she still wets the bed. Tilly doesn't tell anybody, but when Maddy Smith does, she is briefly accused.

Later on in the same episode, she and Becky confronts Maddy.

Tilly is portrayed by Rachel Head.

Behind the Scenes

Tilly is played by Rachel Head. She's from Teesside and was cast through Kreative Talent Agency, run by Sue Francis in Ingleby Barwick.

This is the same place as where Grace Garcia (Young Shannon), Gabrielle Green (Katrina), Teri Ellington (Becky), Rachael White (Jude) , and Grace Taylor-Clarke (A year 8 girl), came from. They were all cast through the Kreative Talent Agency together, at the same time.

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