The War With the Humans
Series 5, Episode 5x09
Airdate 24 April 2017
Written by Debbie Moon
Directed by Steve Hughes
Episode Guide
The One Who Sees
United We Stand
The War With the Humans is the ninth episode of Series 5.

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Jana is forced to realise that she can't save everyone and must make a decision about her future. TJ and Matei track Emilia but discover that Madoc is now pack leader. They join the journey to Blydissiad but are in for a shock.



Hartington has captured Imara and Selina. Matei and TJ go to find Emilia and discover that Madoc has replaced her as her pack leader with the promise of guiding them to a safe area. The boys join the trek but find that Madoc has led them into a trap. TJ challenges Madoc to be the new leader but Jana arrives to expose Madoc as Hartington's accomplice and to unite the pack against them. (Source came from here:

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