The Shadow in the Light
Series 5, Episode 5x04
Airdate 20 March 2017
Written by Matt Sinclair
Directed by John Dower
Episode Guide
The Dawnus Torc
The Shadow in the Light is the fourth episode of Series 5.

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Jana and Imara run into some familiar faces as they track Hartington. Selina competes in the taekwondo fight of her life and in doing so makes an unlikely ally. Jeffries laments the end of his career.



Returning to school T.J. recognizes a design associated with Hartington scrawled on Selina's locker and the group immediately suspects her Tae-Kwando rival Hannah. Investigating the gym run by Hannah's trainer Birdie they find they have walked into a trap and Selina must defeat Wolfblood hater Birdie at Tae-Kwando to free them. However she has an unexpected ally. Through Tim Jeffries, Imara and Jana locate Hartington's registered office where they find Agent Jones conducting a survey with Wolfbloods though she claims to have no knowledge of Hartington himself. (Source came from here:

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