The One Who Sees
Series 5, Episode 5x08
Airdate 17 April 2017
Written by Victoria Asare-Archer
Directed by Steve Hughes
Episode Guide
The War With the Humans
The One Who Sees is the eighth episode of Series 5.

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Unable to help Selina's parents, Jana resolves to find a way to help the other trapped wolfbloods, starting with the Genesis Project. Matei returns to the den to seek Jana's help in convincing Emilia that her vision of Blydissiad is false.



Hartington has rounded up a number of Wolfbloods, including Selina's parents, saying they must either be chipped or banished to the wild - forcing Jana and her friends to go into hiding, where Matei joins them. The deluded Emilia still believes there is a Wolfblood paradise where she can take her pack, unaware that Madoc has struck a deal with Hartington. Jana is now relying on Tim Jeffries to steal and break into Segolia's hard drive and learn the secret of the Genesis project. (Source came from here:

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