The Once and Future Alpha
Series 5, Episode 5x02
Airdate 6 March 2017
Written by Debbie Moon
Directed by John Dower
Episode Guide
Brave New World
The Dawnus Torc
The Once and Future Alpha is the second episode of Series 5.


The mystery wolfblood is unmasked and brings startling news from the Wild Pack. Jana summons the strength to help locate TJ, but her interference backfires with devastating consequences.



Katrina's encounter is with wolfbloods Aran and Hafren, the latter hateful of Jana for her presumed betrayal. They tell Jana that Emilia has gone missing. Hartington explains to TJ that he is desperate to find out the secret of being a wolfblood and, using her son as a hostage, forces Imara to give him Segolia's file naming all the wolfbloods in the country before freeing TJ and escaping with the file. Aran tells Jana he must return to his pack but exhorts her to stay in the city to protect her own. (Source came from here:

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