The Dawnus Torc
Series 5, Episode 5x03
Airdate 13 March 2017
Written by Michelle Gayle
Directed by John Dower
Episode Guide
The Once and Future Alpha
The Shadow in the Light
The Dawnus Torc is the third episode of Series 5.

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The pack investigate the Segolia Vault and in doing so find the precious Dawnus Torc, which takes them on an adventure like never before. TJ falls sick with a mystery illness.



Jana spearheads a raid on the Segola vaults for information on Hartington and finds a golden band, the Dawnus Torc, believed to have the power to lead them to a safe haven for Wolfbloods. T.J. falls ill on the journey and Jana discovers that Hartington has implanted a tracking device in his back allowing him to follow the pack. She removes it before luring Hartington into a trap. Admitting that he works for a group fearful of global take-over by Wolfbloods, he tricks the group into freeing him, after which he contacts his associates, telling them to bring forward their destruction of all Wolfbloods. (Source came from here:

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