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Series 3
Maddy & Rhydian

No. Of Episodes

13 (confirmed)

Air Dates

UK: 8th of September 2014 (rumoured)






Series 2



Series 3 of Wolfblood has been confirmed through the CBBC website and Twitter. Filming will begin in February 2014 (as confirmed on Twitter by some of the crew) and will likely air around September time. It has been described on Twitter by Debbie Moon that it is 'Running on a tight schedule', so it will unfortunately not be able to air any earlier.

Not much is known about the plot or characters, although the plot is expected to carry on from series 2. It was hinted that there may be another 'Secret episode' or 'Online content' to the start of this series on Debbie Moon's Wolfblood FAQ. Debbie Moon will be writing five of thirteen episodes with James Whitehouse, Hannah George, Sophie Petzal (Writer of 'The Scape Goat') writing others. And also, Neil Jones, Catrin Clarke, Paul Mousley and Lee Walters, who are new writers to the series, will be writing some of the episodes. During an interview at the Children's BAFTA Awards Bobby Lockwood was asked what will happen in series 3, Bobby stated he has not been told anything but is eager to know what Rhydian will get up too. Aimee Kelly was also interviewed and she stated that all she knows is that the writers are halfway through writing it. For the finale of this series, it has been mentioned to have a 'Happy ending', however these are mostly rumors. After a video was uploaded of the series 3 read through by Louisa Connolly-Burnham, there have been questions to whether Aimee will return as Maddy Smith or not. As she was not seen or visible in the room. However the cast, crew and Aimee have not confirmed or denied anything. But her return is likely.

Characters Confirmed

. Bobby Lockwood as Rhydian Morris (Confirmed at Children's BAFTA Awards)

. Louisa Connolly-Burnham as Shannon Kelly (Confirmed on Twitter)

. Kedar Williams-Stirling as Tom Okanawe (Confirmed on Twitter)

. Leona Vaughan as Jana (Confirmed on Twitter)

. Shorelle Hepkin, Rachel Teate and Gabrielle Green as The Three Ks (Confirmed on Twitter)

. Jonathan Raggett as Jimi (Confirmed on Twitter)

. Niek Versteeg as Liam Hunter (Confirmed on Twitter)

. Nahom Kassa as Sam (Confirmed on Twitter and Instagram)

. Mark Fleischmann as Mr. Jeffries (Confirmed on Twitter)

. Siwan Morris as Ceri (Confirmed on Twitter)

. Alun Raglan as Alric (Confirmed on Twitter)

. Lisa Marged as Meinir (Confirmed on her showreel website)

. Dean Bone as Harry Averwood (Confirmed on Instagram)

. Mandeep Dhillon as Unknown (New character)

. Letty Butler as Unknown (New character)

There will also be a few new characters to the series, two of the cast are Mandeep Dhillon and Letty Butler.

On the 12th of December, Debbie Moon tweeted "Handed in first draft outline for #Wolfblood season finale. No spoilers, but you've never seen anything like this before ... :)". And on January 31st Louisa Connolly-Burnham tweeted "Just had the first scripts through for #WOLFBLOOD season 3! Wow. Just wow. you guys are in for a treat. Can't wait to get my Shannon on!".

On the 18th of February, the cast for series 3 traveled down to Newcastle to begin filming.

To keep the suspense of whether Maddy returns or not, Debbie Moon revealed on her FAQ that they will not be releasing an official cast list.On twitter Aimee Kelly in January stated that she went to Newcastle where the third season was filmed.[=""> She also sometimes meets some of the cast in Newcastle, so that suggests she may have done some filming.

Webisodes (Online Content)

There will be around 7 3-minute online episodes online to accompany the third series in September, these will be written by Neil Jones and Ben Gooder. It is assumed they will be available to watch on the CBBC Website.

Series 3 Interviews

Wolfblood Q and A(01:54)
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Wolfblood Rhydian and Maddy - Bobby Lockwood Interview(00:49)
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Wolfblood Cast Interviews - Season 3 & BAFTA Children's Awards-2(08:29)
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Bobby Lockwood BAFTA Performer winner in 2013(04:29)
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Bobby Lockwood Interview - Wolfblood Series 3 & House of Anubis(10:07)
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