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Series 3
Series 3 cast

No. Of Episodes


Air Date

UK: 15th September


Ulterior Motives


27th October


Series 2



Series 3 of Wolfblood has been confirmed through the CBBC website and Twitter. Filming will begin in February 2014 (as confirmed on Twitter by some of the crew) and has been confirmed to air September 15th. It has been described on Twitter by Debbie Moon that it is 'Running on a tight schedule', so it will unfortunately not be able to air any earlier.

For the finale of this series, it has been mentioned to have a 'Happy ending', however these are mostly rumors. After a video was uploaded of the series 3 read through by Louisa Connolly-Burnham, there have been questions to whether Aimee Kelly will return as Maddy Smith or not. As she was not seen or visible in the room. However the cast, crew and Aimee have not confirmed or denied anything. But her return is likely.

Series 3 is set a couple of weeks after Maddy and her family left Stoneybridge. Friendships are tested to the limit and lessons are learned about trust, leadership and responsibility. Rhydian finds himself confronting new challenges, extreme danger as well as a mysterious conspiracy. He is heartbroken after the departure of Maddy and her family and his discovery about what happened to them turns his world upside down. Together with his non-Wolfblood friends Tom and Shannon, Rhydian must focus on life beyond school and Stoneybridge. Dr Whitewood reappears, still desperate to find evidence of werewolves. Jana returns from the wild pack in dire need of help, bringing with her Meneer, Aran and Rhydian's mother, Ceri. Rhydian’s estranged father also resurfaces bringing with him dangerous new foes. Rhydian discovers that supposed allies may not be what they seem and old enemies make their presence felt. As the series accelerates towards a climax he must unite his pack or their species will face extinction.


Main Characters

Reccuring Characters

There will also be a few new characters to the series, two of the cast are Mandeep Dhillon and Letty Butler.

Also some children actors will be joining wolfblood series 3.Jake Shingler, Robbie Farrell and Francesca Mango started filming on the set of CBBC’S Wolfblood. Students were offered parts in the popular children’s TV series following successful auditions at BBC Newcastle.

On the 18th of February, the cast for series 3 traveled down to Newcastle to begin filming.

To keep the suspense of whether Maddy returns or not, Debbie Moon revealed on her FAQ that they will not be releasing an official cast list.On twitter Aimee Kelly in January stated that she went to Newcastle where the third season was filmed.


  1. Ulterior Motives
  2. Alpha Materiel
  3. With Friends Like These
  4. Wolfblood Is Thicker Than Water

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