Series Jana Bites, Episode 1
Cadwr and gwyn
Airdate September 10, 2014
Written by Neil Jones
Directed by Ben Goodger
Episode Guide

Sacrifice is the first webisode in the Jana Bites series.


3 months ago, Jana left Stoneybridge to lead the Wolfblood wild pack. Can she convince the pack that humans are not the enemy?



Two humans are camping in the wild wolfblood's territory, and are spotted by Meinir and Aran. Meinir is about to attack them, when she is restrained by Jana. The pack gathers together in the forest, where Jana speaks about the humans, telling the pack that they are not dangerous She ends part of the speech with the line 'We don't have to be ashamed of who we are', which causes Cadwr and Gwyn to look at each other and smile. Jana then continues, telling the wolfbloods to 'grow up', and that the humans will soon move on. As the pack disperses, she and Ceri congratulate Jana on her successful speech.

The human father fishes in the river, and spots pawprints in the mud. His young daughter attempts to free her ball from a tree, and one of the cubs' is seen running past in the foreground. The girl soon gives up, and is heading back when Cadwr and Gwyn are suddenly in front of her, and Gwyn returns the ball. The girl asks who they are, and the two wolfbloods look at each other, grinning, and their eyes glow yellow.

Cadwr and Gwyn run pack to the pack carrying a sack of meat, when they are stopped by Meinir, who takes it off them, and presents it to Jana as penitence. Jana demands to know where she got the meat, and chides the cubs on stealing from the humans. They reply that the meat was given to them, and they followed her advice on how 'not to be ashamed of who [they] are'. Aran and the rest of the pack run in, exclaiming that the man is coming with a gun. The pack argues on what to do, but Jana decides that someone has to lead him away, and Meinir volunteers, though Jana restrains her and goes herself. She transforms into wolf form, and a gunshot is heard.

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