Please answer all questions & remember to sign your request with four tildes (~~~~)!

1) What is your username? I am WolfGirl712

2) How long have you been on the wiki? I've only joined since October 26, 2013

3) How many edits have you made? I've only made a few edits, but as I continue to be on the Wolfblood wiki, I will make more

4) Why should you be chosen as admin? I'm a responsible person and I love to help everyone.  I also love the show Wolfblood and I watch it alot.  I would be able to spot out certain details in the shows to put on the wiki.

5) Any additional details?  I'm just another fan who likes Wolfblood and likes to edit things on online websites.  (I understand that if I don't get picked, I can still contribute to the Wolfblood wiki.)

6) Also this application is for Rollback :) Thanks!


Redx Your request has been declined.

Sorry, but at the moment you don't have enough edits.

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