Please answer all questions & remember to sign your request with four tildes (~~~~)!

1) What is your username? Xoxoxoxo

2) How long have you been on the wiki? 5 days

3) How many edits have you made? 106 (great  amount for 5 days)

4) Why should you be chosen as admin? I'm a great/friendly user, I have a lot of admin and editing experience. I edit this wiki everyday and will continue to do so. In 5 months it will be my 2 year anniversary on Wikia so I have a lot of knowledge on Wikia.

5) Any additional details?

You can see my admin edits/experience here .here  herehere I also edit a lot on other wikis but I'm not an admin on them.


Redx Your request has been declined.

Again this is the same as the other requests. Sadly, you have not yet met the guidelines, but may have a chance at a later date.

Squeefully yours,
-DanBing Smiley30x30.png

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