New Moon Rising is a three chapter web comic released exclusively on the CBBC website. It revolves around Jana visiting an old friend of Victoria Sweeney. All three chapters take place sometime around series 4. The web comic has no voice acting throughout the comic.

Chapter 1 - The Cage



The web comic starts off "somewhere in the north-east" in a house where a woman is seen approaching a cage with dinner for Mister Shyal before cutting to a silohuete of a growlng wolf. The comic then cuts to some snowy mountains "in Canada" where Tom and Shannon are seen taking a group selfie with Maddy and Rhydian. They talk about how they've missed each other. It then cuts to a shot of Jana's phone where she is sent the group picture along with the message "Jana-The pack's here! How are you? x".

We then see Jana and Sweeny in the Segolia Headquaters and find out that Jana is having concerns about fitting in as she has abilities most other Wolfbloods don't have. Sweeney mentions an old friend in Benwell, Lobsang Shyal, who she says helped out with Segolia many years ago but now has concerning behaviour. Sweeney tells Jana to go visit and see what the problem is. We then see Jana walking past the Kafe, which is opening soon, and she keeps asking herself about Lobsang Shyal, before being interrupted by a honking car, which then makes her question whether she should've went with the others to Canada.

We then see her outside a run down house in Benwell, north-east England. She enters the house and it is completely dark inside. While inside she gets another message asking where she is. She uses her abiliities to see the woman from earlier and Mister Shyal in a wheelchair. After introducing her self, Jana is told that Mister Shyal doesn't speak. While wheeling Mister Shyal into the cage the woman introduces herself as Misha. She tells Jana that she looks after Mister Shyal, when Shyal lets her.

Misha says it is harder to handle him alone. Jana then asks why there is the need for the cage, to which Misha answers that it is where he spends his difficult nights. Mister Shyal then has a sudden outburst and begins growlong to whichMisha states that he's changing already and needs help. Jana stays inside the cage with the niw angry wolf form of Mister Shyal as she asks Misha to lock the cage with her outside. Jana tells Misha to not open the door, no matter what happens, ending chapter 1.

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