Mrs Vaughan.

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan are Rhydian's foster parents. They adopted him before the Series began and in Series 2 . Emma Smith tells Rhydian and Maddy that he has to go move back in with them because she thought having Rhydian over at her house would make Maddy and Rhydian become closer, and she didn't want that to happen. We only see Mrs. Vaughan (Phillippa Wilson) in the series but we have not seen Mr.Vaughan yet. Mr. and Mrs Vaughan aren't only Rhydian's foster parents. They are the foster parents for Olly and Jo too.

Ceri also meets Mrs Vaughan in Best Of Both Worlds and she realizes that she is doing good for Rhydian. Mrs. Vaughan, like Emma and Daniel Smith,  seems to think Maddy and Rhydian are in love.