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Mr. Jeffries (First name Tim)


30 < 40 (Approx.)

Hair Colour


Eye Colour



Dr.Whitewood (possibly)


Teaching, Football


Mark Fleischmann

Mr. Jeffries is one of the main teachers at the school that Maddy, Tom, Shannon, and Rhydian go to, and he is also one of the only teachers that seems to work there, apart from the female science teacher and maybe a few others,Miss. Paris and Miss. fitzengerald (the Football Coach -etc.). He is also Maddy and Rhydian's form tutor / teacher, and head of year. It is assumed he is a history teacher, as the class is a history class room. He also used to be Jana's teacher as she was in the same form.

He has short brown hair and wears shirts which are usually tucked in with the top button undone. Unfortunately for Rhydian, he is quick to accuse people, and Rhydian is usually his main suspect. He also went on the school trip to the island with the class in the episode Occam's Razor

He likes to believe that he is 'in touch' with the kids, and often tries to relate to them, and a lot of students seem to take advantage of this. Despite this, he gives lectures when anything wrong happens at the school such as the Sinclair smuggling or the vandalism. He doesn't have a huge patience and sends Maddy out when she talks back to him. He is a big advocate and supporter of the football team and loves watching the games He cares about his students a lot - like Going Underground when he tried to stand up for Maddy and Rhydian, in front of Alirc. He also makes rather rubbish (funny) jokes to the class and is generally optomistic. He also fancies Dr. Rebecca Whitewood, who he went to college with and is called Tim Jeffries.

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