IMG 1968
Born N/A
School Year N/A
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Black (greying)
Dark Brown (human) & Yellow (wolf)
Species Wolfblood
Family N/A
Interests Becoming Alpha, Destroy Humans
Crush N/A
Friends N/A
Enemies/Frenemies Jana (Vilkas)
Matei Covaci
Emilia Covaci
Terrence "TJ" Cipriani
Nicknames N/A
First Appearance Into the Wild
Portrayer Fraser James
Madoc is a Wild Wolfblood who first appeared in Into the Wild where he was revealed to be trying to poison Alric to take his Alpha position, but was found out by Emilia Covaci and Dr. Rebecca Whitewood which caused the pack to turn on him. Though when he returns in season 5, he takes on a timid appearance in order for Emilia to not exile him again, and so he acts as an advisor towards Emilia, wrongfully advising her to attack the Humans, and take control.

Series 4

When Jana and Company go to the wild to visit the wild pack, they get there and Jana is shocked to find her father has been very sick, and Madoc was the one that was 'healing' him, though as revealed later in the episode, he had been giving Alric Hemlock, a poisonous flower, in order for him to take over the pack, but before Jana can give Alric the flower (thinking its the cure) she runs off to find Whitewood, and saves them just in time, and they come back to the pack to confront him and they force him to run away in his wolf form. Never to return to the pack.

Series 5

When Matei goes to find Emilia, he finds that she is the alpha of another wild pack since she is the 'Firewalker' (bearing the scar of the Covaci House Fire), and in this pack, Madoc has become advisor to Emilia and putting the ideas of attacking Humans into her head, but he talks to Joshua Hartington in secret in order to 'protect' his species, but in reality is just trying to reclaim power of the Wild Packs. To the point of betraying his species.


  • Madoc's name may refer on how he is a, Mad, Doctor, from how he takes the name of healer in the Wild Pack, and simply his knowledge over things
  • His wolf form is jet black though you can distingiush the grey hints due to his greying hair in human form.

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