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Warning: Some fanfictions may contain sexual content. Read at your own risk.

  • The Two Wolves by FacelessCZSummary: There's something weird happening in Stonybridge and the pack wants to find out what it is, Maddy and Rhydian keep on denial they like each other, Mr. Jeffries will be going crazy and much more! Rated K+; Unfinished
  • Wanting her Back by RomanceLover243 - Summary: SET AFTER S1 They told each other that they loved each other. They kissed. He was left heart broken. Now, a year later, he has had enough of being away from her. He said he would wait. But he can't. In the middle of the night, he packs up and leaves. There is only one problem. He has no idea where she is. But, even hell couldn't keep him away from the love of his life. **COMPLETE** Rated T; Finished
  • To Find A Home by thatotherusernameiuseSummary: The 3 times Rhydian was relocated and found himself completely and utterly alone and the 1 time it didn't matter so much. (Just a nice little dose of Maddian and the feels.) Rated T; Finished
  • Maddian fanfiction by ilovebllockwoodSummary: Hi guys this is my first Maddian FF. This FF is going to continue from the last episode of season 2. Although, I am going to change the last part a teensy bit. This FF will be filled with Maddian moments as I do not have the heart to keep them apart Or to keep putting them through trials. There will be minor trouble but nothing major. Nothing our favourite couple can't handle. 'Unknown Rating; 'Finished
  • Wolfblood - Maddian oneshots by the_wolfblood_packSummary: A selection of Maddian stories from songfics to AUs. Unknown Rating; Unfinished

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