Liam Hunter
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1998 (Aged 14 Series 1, 15 Series 2, 16 Series 3)

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Lone Wolf


Niek Versteeg

Liam Hunter is friends with Jimi and Sam. He is often seen to be friends with Tom also but only when Jimi is friends with and talking to Tom. Also in the last episode of the second series he seem to be friends with Shannon or at least he is nice to her. Though he does bully Rhydian in series 1, including blackmailing Rhydian to get them Sinclair clothing on a full moon.

Liam's grandfather was a werewolf hunter and Liam is out to prove that his Grandfather was not crazy and that werewolves really do exist.

Liam Hunter is portrayed by Niek Versteeg.

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Series 2

In series 2, Liam suspects that Maddy is a werewolf after they go camping and find a wolfblood den. He later goes back through the den eventually entering the Smith's den and got proof. He calls Dr. Whitewood to check a dog bone which ended in the heartbreaking ending of series 2.

Series 3

In series 3, Liam gets a moped. Liam also reunites with Jimi and Sam and have fixed the argument they had at the last episode of season 2. Jimi and Sam still tease Liam, but in a more friendly manner than they did in season 2. In the episode "With Friends Like These" he find out about Jana return and later tell that to the three K's that will later on tell it to Mr. Jeffries. At the end of "Cerberus" episode he learnes the truth about Wolfbloods from Mr Jeffries and decides to help Tom and Shannon to stop Victoria Sweeney.