General Information
Shipped Characters: Mr. Tim Jeffries and Dr. Rebecca Whitewood
Status: Friends

Jeffwood is the friendship of Mr. Jeffries and Dr. Whitewood.

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Series 2

Grave Consequences

  • Mr. Jeffries thinks the bones are lucky because Dr Whitewood is attending to them.
  • Mr. Jeffries calls Dr. Whitewood- Rebecca, an informal name suggesting that they still are close friends even after all these years. Therefore they must have had a good bond in university.
  • Jeffries is caught by the three k's staring at Whitewood in an enamored way. Clearly captivated by her.
  • Jeffries begins to blush when the k's tease him about fancying Whitewood, and he doesn't denying the fact that he fancies her.
  • Rebecca agrees to Shannon and Tom staying on the site because she thought Tim said so. Meaning she trusts Mr Jeffries and will accept his judgement and decisions.
  • Tim thinks Rebecca said yes to Shannon and Tom staying by the site after school- obviously wanting to make a good impression and to make Rebecca happy as much as possible.
  • Tim buys a Chinese dinner for two, for him and Whitewood. Wanting to spend quality time with Rebecca.
  • When the tent falls down, Jeffries is somewhat over protective (without Shannon's help) of Dr. Whitewood.

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