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Jana Bites
Jana and menir
Jana, Meinir, Cadwr and wild pack

No. of Episodes


Air Dates

UK: 10th September, 2014 - 21st October, 2014





Jana Bites is a series of seven webisodes which aired 14 September, 2014 and were published on YouTube by the CBBC. Set one month after Jana's return to her wild pack in Best Of Both Worlds, the webisodes act as a prequel to Series 3 and explain Jana's return to the show. Overall Jana Bites lasts for 21 minutes.


Set over a period of two months, the webisodes follow Jana's struggle as Alpha as she attempts to change the old ways of the pack.


  1. Sacrifice
  2. Authority
  3. Law
  4. Order
  5. Heresy
  6. Human Medicine (Evolution)
  7. Tradition


Main Cast

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