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Born 1998 (Aged 15/16)
School Year 10/11
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Red and grey
Species Wolfblood
Family Alric (father), unknown mother

Wild Wolfblood Pack

Interests nature, leading
Crush Rhydian
Friends Maddy, Tom, Rhydian & Shannon
Enemies/Frenemies Liam
First Appearance The Scape Goat
Portrayer Leona Vaughan

Jana (Leona Vaughan) is a wild Wolfblood from Rhydian's wild wolfblood pack, who follows him to Stoneybridge after he's banished. In Ancient Grudge, she seems to be following an order from Alric (her father). This results in Alric disowning her, and she becomes a tame wolfblood. She is seen in most of the episodes after that.  She seemingly has a crush on Rhydian and is jealous of his closeness to Maddy. Although she seems to be less agitated about their closeness by the end of the series, it is hinted that she knows Maddy has a crush on him. She later becomes the Alpha of the Wild Wolfbloods' pack.

Jana has a fiery temper, and in the beginning, found it hard to control her wolf and fit in. When she was still in Stoneybridge, she lived in a caravan in the woods. She can be very loyal, but still have fierce tempers sometimes. She is very fond of her wolfblood traditions, as is shown when Maddy's wolfblood ancestor's bones are found, and Jana performs a special ceremony with the rest of the pack. She has a dislike towards Liam as soon as she found out about Liam's fascination with his ancestor's passion for hunting wolfbloods, or as he calls them "werewolves". Once her father was banished from the pack, Ceri came back for her and she became the Alpha - this makes the wild pack and Maddy's pack allies, not enemies, to the point where Maddy and her family go there to seek refuge (The Discovery).

When Alric returns to Stoneybridge after she leaves, Alric almost kills Maddy, but can't because when Maddy mentions what he did to Jana he sees Jana instead of Maddy and breaks down. Rhydian works out peace between the now "lone wolf" Alric, Jana's new pack and the Stoneybridge pack. (Going Underground) Jana is now in charge of the Smiths as they escaped to her pack to hide from Dr. Rebecca Whitewood ..


Jana as a wolf trapped in the Dark Room with Shannon

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Jana's first episode season 2 appearance The Girl From Nowhere

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