Series 5, Episode 5x05
Airdate 20 March 2017
Written by Ed Aldridge
Directed by John Dower
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The Shadow in the Light
The Last Dark Moon
Humans is the fifth episode of Series 5

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TJ's good intentions land him in hot water with Selina, the Humans group target the Kafe and a face from the past returns to take action that will change everything.



After more anti-Wolfblood graffiti is daubed on the Kafe wall Hannah asks Birdie if he knows Hartington, which he denies, but Jana shows Hannah an email sent between the two men to prove otherwise. Birdie gathers a gang of like-minded humans to besiege the Kafe but a pack of Wolfbloods led by Emilia arrive to chase them away before fleeing themselves. Hannah now declares that she wants nothing to do with either faction whilst Katrina's granddad proves he is not to be trusted. (Source came from here:

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