Harry Averwood
Capture 315
Born 1995 (Aged 17/18)
School Year 12 Series 2
13 Series 3
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Black & Blue
Species Human
Family N/A
Interests Music
Crush Shannon Kelly (ex-girlfriend)
Friends The Band
Enemies/Frenemies The Three Ks
Nicknames Gorg (The Three Ks)
First Appearance Total Eclipse of the Moon
Portrayer Dean Bone
Harry Averwood is a new character for Series 2 and Series 3.

He is the lead singer of a band that performs during the lunar eclipse in one of the episodes, Total Eclipse of the Moon, who is clearly impressed with Shannon's singing. He's basically the cool sixth form kid. In 'Dances With Wolfbloods' we learn that he has feelings for Shannon and he wrote a song for her. She also becomes his girlfriend at the end of the episode - even though, the 3k's try to jepodise that. 

Dean was only meant to portray Harry in one episode, but after impressing on set, he has now been written into others.

Shannon broke up with him in the second episode of series 3 .

Harry Averwood is portrayed by Dean Bone.

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