Emilia Covaci
Born 2002/2003
School Year Year 8 (Age 13)
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Brown/ Brown (human) Yellow (wolf)
Species Wolfblood
Family Matei Covaci (brother)
Madalina Covaci (mother)
Stefan Covaci (father)
Interests Wolfing Out
Wild Wolfbloods
Crush None
Friends Jana (Vilkas)
Matei Covaci
Terrence "TJ" Cipriani
Selina Khan
Enemies/Frenemies Madoc
Nicknames None
First Appearance Captivity
Portrayer Sydney Wade

Emilia Covaci is the younger sister of Matei Covaci and bears the scars of the tragic house fire that killed her and Matei’s parents. She may be vulnerable and timid, but Emilia is still a Wolfblood and when the opportunity arises, this little wolf bares her teeth far more ferociously than Matei.

Emilia Covaci is protrayed by Sydney Wade.

View the Emilia Covaci Gallery.

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