Dacia Turner
Born 1993/1994 (Age 20/21 approx)
School Year N/A
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Brown & Hazel
Species Wolfblood
Family N/A
Interests Science
Wild Wolfbloods
Crush N/A
Friends Rhydian
Enemies/Frenemies Victoria Sweeney
Nicknames N/A
First Appearance Ulterior Motives
Portrayer Mandeep Dhillon

Dacia Turner is a new character for Series 3 who is also part of the Wolfblood Species. She has a fascination with wild Wolfbloods and attempted to steal Ceri's herbal remedies, causing her to fall out with Rhydian. She constantly tries to make up for this afterwards.

Dacia Turner is portrayed by Mandeep Dhillon.

View the Dacia Turner Gallery.


Dacia works for a Wolfblood co-operation company called Segolia, where it is assumed she studies/experiments on different cures for both humans and Wolfbloods. Her first main appearance in Ulterior Motives was to inform Rhydian about Maddy's whereabouts after Segolia offered them a new life in Canada. However, in Wolfblood Is Thicker Than Water, it is revealed that her main purpose for being in Stoneybridge was to see if Rhydian had any connection with his father, Gerwyn, who stole millions of pounds from Segolia. In Ulterior Motives, to stop Whitewood from showing Rhydian transforming to the towns people, her only option is to offer her a job at Segolia.

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