Carrie Black
IMG 1973
Born N/A
School Year N/A
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Black and Brown
Species Wolfblood
Family Unnamed parents
Interests Losing her wolf, Reuniting with Holly
Crush N/A
Friends Holly/Niamh
Enemies/Frenemies N/A
Nicknames N/A
First Appearance She-Wolf
Portrayer Chloe Hesar
Carrie Black is a morwal follower of Imara. Also a very close friend of Holly/Niamh who Holly said to be as close as sisters. Carrie is responsible for the Covaci house fire that killed Matei Covaci and Emilia Covaci's parents which she said the Morwal or just her wolf that made her responsible for their deaths.

Carrie Black is portrayed by Chloe Hesar.

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