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Rhydian Morris (brother)
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Nathan Williams

Bryn is Rhydian's brother. He's in his mother's pack, which, from our knowledge, consists of Ceri, Jana, Aran, Meinir, Gwen, Cawdyr and previously Rhydian and Alric. He's been brought up in a world where he believes that humans are 'disgusting', most likely the influence from his mother and her hatred of humans for stealing her son and Alric's beliefs, and he is confused by a lot of the technology and objects that he finds in Rhydian's house (for example lights and onions) and is also a little scared of the human world. Bryn is bitter when his brother says he won't be leaving and tries his hardest to get his brother to go with him. We find out that it's because his mother is sad and we see that although Bryn may not realise it, he is extremely caring towards his mother and is driven by her sadness. Rhydian is very fond and protective of him, and still thinks of his little brother, we can see this from the Best Of Both Worlds, where Rhydian asks Ceri to give his love to Bryn.

Bryn looks like his mother mainly, with brown hair and brown eyes. From what we know they live mainly in the wild, with little to no human interaction. From what we know, Bryn is not as of yet old enough to transform into his wolf (he's still a 'cub') because he is ages 10 -11. Also in Jana Bites we find out he left the pack because of some human reading lessons.

Bryn is portrayed by Nathan Williams.

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Series 1

Series 3

  • Wolfblood Is Thicker Than Water (mentioned)
  • In the Jana Bites mini series before series 3, he is mentioned to have run away because he didn't like the way Jana was leading the pack.

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