Brave New World
Series 5, Episode 5x01
Airdate 27 February 2017
Written by Debbie Moon
Directed by John Dower
Episode Guide
Protocol (Series 4)
The Once and Future Alpha
Brave New World is the first episode of Series 5.


Jana makes the shock decision that this will be her last full moon in the city. While the pack wrestle with the disappointment of losing their alpha, TJ falls for the smoke and mirrors of movie producer Joshua Hartington. 



After the pack publicly revealed themselves to expose Segolia some members find themselves victims of discrimination and Jana, feeling responsible, aims to leave the city at full moon and return to the wild. Selina and Matei decide to go with her but T.J. is beguiled by the offer of a film role given by producer Hartington and, accompanied by teacher turned Wolfblood author Tim Jeffries, goes to a proffered screen test at Hartington's mansion, However they have fallen into a trap, whilst Katrina also finds herself in danger. (Source came from here:

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