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Bloodwolf is the fictional book series written by Mr. Tim Jeffries based around the events that occurred throughout the series. It parodies the series the characters having slightly different names.

According to Dr. Rebecca Whitewood, the book is full of cliches, mixed metaphors and terrible puns. She also comments on the fact that it is meant to be a young adult novel yet the hero is the "30-something" school teacher.

In the back of the book, it reads "Coming soon: Bloodwolf 2 - The War With The Humans".


Gideon - Rhydian Morris

Kaddy - Maddy Smith

Tam - Tom Okanawe

Yana - Jana (Vilkas)

On'eon - Ansin

Mr. Tim Jeffries - Mr. Tim Jeffries

The Three Js (Jamelia, Jay and Janara)- The Three Ks

Selogia - Segolia

Rockybridge - Stoneybridge


The story from what we can tell starts from when Jana joined Bradlington High. Another matter that is ironic is the fact that Tim Jeffries is written as a young, twenty-something, handsome teacher.


  • When the wild, red-haired girl comes to the village of Rockybridge, no-one knows that at full moon she transforms into a wild beast or of her secret love for handsome young bloodwolf Gideon - The blurb of the book, read out by Imara Cipriani to Jana
  • "What are you doing here sir?" asked Yana. The teacher, cool and collected as ever, ran one hand through his thick, lustrous hair, turned to the bloodwolf with a gleaming smile and said, "Call it pastoral care." - Read by Jeffries at his reading
  • The teacher watched as Yana walked away into the Selogia building. In her, he saw a leader. A natural alpha. And he thought again of her vision of a future where bloodwolves and humans are not enemies. And he knew that she would never allow some faceless corporate to compromise that. She would never let others use her for their own ends. She would always be true to her wolf. - From the end of the book. Recited by Jeffries at his reading
  • The tall, handsome schoolteacher took the beautiful scientist in his arms and said, "There's a wolf inside me too." - Quoted by Dr. Whitewood when she tells him her opinions on the book
  • Coming soon: Bloodwolf 2 - The War With The Humans - Read by Emilia Covaci

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