Beast of the moors

When Shannon was a child she was out camping and came face to face with a wolfblood, (Maddy's mum or dad in there younger, wilder days possibly). No one believed her, but since then she has been obsessed with “the beast on the moors”. She wants to prove that what she saw was real. She has her own website – “something weird on the”.

She takes a picture in the moors, and finally she has evidence. She brings her camera into school and prints out loads. She gives them to everyone, and they all believe her, even The Three Ks. But then Jimi points out that it could be photoshop, and she takes everyone to the dark room to find the memory card. Maddy follows, and notices Rhydian was there, and that he took it.

Shannon is then upset for the whole day. Jimi makes a copy of the picture she sent out, but photoshops a picture of Shannon onto it, saying she's the beast.

They then get into a fight, and their all in trouble, plus Shannon's in even more trouble for printing out more pictures. This time, ones that say:

"Have you seen this memory card? Contact"

At the end of the school day, Shannon goes to where she found the beast, and talks to Rhydian. She explains the above story about the camping trip. He gives her a vegan chocolate bar, and leaves.

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