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• 9/2/2018

Need help

Hi my name is Skyler and I am a wolfblood I need help to control my wolf inside of me because I am going back to school and I don't won't to wolf out at school and expose us by means of exposing us Wolf bloods so I need help to control my wolf inside of me
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• 9/2/2018

I am a real wolfblood

I am a real wolfblood I need help to control my wolf inside of me because I am going back to school and I don't won't to wolf out at school and expose by means of exposing us Wolf bloods so I need help to control my wolf inside of me so I don't Wolf out at school
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• 4/18/2017

Jana and Matei?

In the wiki page for Jana it is mentioned that she and Matei are in a relationship.  When did this happen?  I checked the last episode and the begining of season 5 and saw nothing.  There is a scene in the last episode of season 4 where Jana kind of touches Matei's hand but this can hardly be seen as proof.

Can someone point me to clear evidence of their relationship?
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• 1/1/2017

Is Wolfblood competing with Teen Wolf for werenimal fans?

I hadn't paid much attention to Teen Wolf until someone else mentioned some oddities relating to the show.
Note, we were actually discussing Wolfblood, not Teen Wolf.
But it got me wondering, is there an either/or situation when it comes to fanbases?
The gist of our conversation was that there are people who like Teen Wolf, but aren't interested in Wolfblood.
I know this situation is common with sci-fi shows, that if you like one, you automatically dislike the other, there's even been fanbase wars over the subject.
But does the scenario I've described above apply to Wolfblood?
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• 11/26/2016

Will there be a Season 5?

I thought I heard something about a 5th season but I'm not entirely sure.
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• 10/8/2016

Adding Pictures

Hello! Can anyone tell me how to add a picture to the info-box thing-y? I tried, pasting a link into the image section of the box, but it didn't work...

Also, are there any copyright rules on the pictures?
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• 7/30/2016

Wolf blood season 4

Just started watching Season 4 and I can't believe what's happening Jana started working in Sagolia and tom and Shan don' come out anymore and what's with the new pack and wolfbloods from the first episode
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• 7/3/2016

Is this the standard British school uniform?

I hadn't thought about the school uniforms much until I saw another British based show which also referenced a school.
Wolfblood uniformEve uniform
Are ties and blazers standard attire for any British school?
Although it appears that jackets are an option to blazers, judging from those images.
I am curious because when I attended my high school, blazers were only available second hand in the uniform store and ties had long since fallen out of favor.
The uniform is even more informal now, it looks more like a sporting outfit.
Which is why the uniforms of these shows seem archaic to me, I didn't think students dressed like this anymore.
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• 5/8/2016

What jobs do the Smiths have?

I was wondering what employment Maddy's parents have.
Has it ever been stated what they do to earn to an income?
From memory, they always seem to be around the house, even during the day.
Surely if they had employment, they wouldn't be at home all the time, unless they worked from home.
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• 3/25/2016

Just a small thing

So I noticed that it says on the home page of the wiki that it says Wolfblood airs on Mondays and Tuesdays this season, it actually airs on Tuesday and Wednesdays. :) I don't know if anybody cares but yeah, just thought I'd mention it XD
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• 9/29/2015

Disrespectful Wolfblood "fans"

Why do many of the younger fans refuse to believe the cast members, Debbie Moon, and the other writers when they have repeatedly said that Aimee Kelly chose to leave the show TWO years ago (and now Bobby, Louisa, and Kedar have left before Series 4)? It is so incredibly rude, disrespectful, and just downright terrible that Aimee Kelly CONSTANTLY gets bothered on twitter and instagram to go back to Wolfblood. If Debbie Moon is tweeting that the main four actors chose to leave the show, then the correct answer isn't to be childish and say "NOOOOOO, Amiee come back, who cares about school?!" or "The show is gonna suck now without u Louisa"....the correct answer is to be nice and just thank the actors for their work.
She left the show. It's way way past time to accept it. Denial is not healthy and the refusal to believe Debbie Moon when she says that Louisa, Bobby, Aimee, and Kedar have left is ridiculously immature. Have these people never dealt with disappointment? Are they just too young and childish to understand that it's not okay to bother actresses constantly and try to either guilt them or force them to return to a job that they chose to leave? Why don't they take a break from bothering Aimee about Wolfblood and go badger Louisa or Bobby for once? In reality, none of them should be harassed and the fans should know how to be gracious and just wish the actors luck in their future endeavours.
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• 7/31/2015

wolfblood songs

i know this is old but what is the song for series  1 episode 1 when maddy chases rhydian and series 2 episode 13 when the before the  credits roll and during the credits at the end when maddy leaves
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• 6/6/2015

Season 4

Any news on season 4?
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• 1/31/2015

maddy smith rhydian

so who wants to talk about rhydian and maddie
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• 12/7/2014

song in wolfblood season 3 episode 5

what musik they are playing at 4 minutes and 15 seconds?
would be nice to get a reply
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• 11/24/2014

Wild Wolfblood Punishment

Does anybody know how to spell the word that sounds sort of like 'cron-och' from Jana bites and also from the Secret Episode in between the first and second season?
It's the way that Alric punishes Rhydian and Jana punishes Aran. The way they punish the ones that 'outweigh exile' as Alric put it... The big stone.
Hopefully you all know what I mean by now. I'm just looking for the spelling. I assume it's a welsh word, but Welsh words have so many extra letters and I don't know what it means to find it through translation. Perhaps someone who has Netflix will be able to use subtitles on the secret episode, or somebody has used them in the past will remember the spelling? The wolfblood clips on the CBBC website don't have subtitles so are totally useless in finding the spelling >.<
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• 11/2/2014

I want to ask, if I'm alone or if there is anyone else who's missing Aimee Kelly in this show...

I'm sad that Aimee Kelly left amazing show as the Wolfblood really are. Whole series 3 were boring for me cause i'm not enjoying the show without Maddyan :((
i hope one day she will come back
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• 10/6/2014

My theory on season 3 **SPOILERS**

Hey guys just got some thoughts on where I think season 3 is heard and wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on this.  Be warned **SPOILERS** of the first half of Season 3 below:

So to lay out my thoughts first and then look at the hints left in the first 6 episodes.  I think there is a battle of sorts coming.  Segolia is going to be involved or at least elements of them and it is going to result in more people finding out about the wolfbloods.

So to review the evidence/hints:

In ep 4 Rhydian’s Father reappears it turns out he worked for Segolia but was on the run for “embezzlement” his claims is that he found funds diverted to a project “Cerberus”  This is the first hints that Segolia is up to something.  The fact that Dacia appears not to know anything about this indicates that it’s restricted to high ups in the corporation.

In ep 5 there is what I believe to be foreshadowing what is to come.  When they recover the artefacts from the witches finger Ceri talks about a battle where Humans and Wolfboods fought side by side.  This is quite interesting as it raises some questions.  What where they fighting? Being the most prominent.  Was it other wolfbloods/humans or something else?

I suppose it depends on what project Cerberus is, it could be a military operation to take power.  Experiments on wolfbloods to make them more powerful or to turn humans in to wolfbloods to try and boost their numbers.

The other things that have been left unresolved is Liam’s hunt for werewolves.  He has been left in the position that Shannon was in Season 1 being made look the fool.  The whole story with him feels unfinished I think he will find out the truth this season.

So there is my thoughts and theory.  Interested in what everyone thinks.

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• 2/20/2014

Series 3 - Characters Confirmed

What about Emma - is she coming back ???
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• 2/16/2014

wolfblood series 3

How does everone know these rumours - like it is rumoues that there will be a happy ending, I can't find that any where! I can't wait cause they will be filming s3 next week!
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